What is the fastest loading font?

What is the fastest loading font?

What is the fastest loading font?

Results. Here are the top 10 fonts and their page load times. They were all pretty close to each other, but as you can see Open Sans is definitely the fastest loading font, when it comes to loading from Google’s CDN.

Are Google Fonts slow?

But if you’ve ever brought over that amazing font and ran a speed test, you might be asking – “Does Google Fonts slow down my site?” It is true that using Google Fonts requires the browser to make additional requests and download the font you’ve chosen, resulting in additional loading time.

Do Google Fonts slow down website?

Google Fonts page speed impact Using the recommended method to add a Google Font into a webpage can slow a page load by a whopping 780ms. The audit calls this a “render-blocking resource”, which means that the page can’t load until this CSS file has been fetched from the Google Fonts server, fonts.googleapis.com.

Are Google Fonts fast?

You can read the version updated for 2021 on my site at: One thing Google Fonts does offer is a fast and reliable content delivery network (CDN). You should also host your static assets on a CDN for faster delivery to users in different regions.

How can I make Google fonts faster?

4 Tips To Faster Loading Google Fonts

  1. Load Google Fonts First Before CSS. Place the Google import code such that it loads first directly after the html HEAD tag, EVEN before loading the CSS file.
  2. Use Link Format.
  3. Fewer Fonts.
  4. Combine Your Font Codes.
  5. Conclusion.

How do I reduce the loading time of a font?

Table of contents

  1. Use the most modern file formats.
  2. Use the font-display descriptor. swap. block. fallback. optional.
  3. Preload your font files.
  4. Subset your font files.
  5. Self-host your fonts.

Should you preload Google fonts?

It turns out preload serves as a hint to the browser to download the asset as soon as possible, as it will be needed later. But it doesn’t know when you’re going to need that asset – it’s just believing you when you’ll say you need it.

How can I make Google Fonts faster?

Should I disable Google Fonts WordPress?

If you’re using our Local Google Fonts feature, you don’t need to worry about disabling Google Fonts as this happens automatically. You want to use a premium custom font instead of Google fonts.

Should you preload Google Fonts?

Should I use Google Fonts?

The Advantages Of Using Google Web Fonts They’re easy to use – Google has made it particularly easy to add them to your site. There are a lot of choices – there is an alternate font for a lot of the most popular typefaces out there.

Should you preload fonts?

In summary, without font preloading, you might run into a situation where a browser is ready to load your site’s text, but it can’t because the font isn’t available yet. That is, it needs to download the font before it can paint the text.