What is the expected price of natural gas?

What is the expected price of natural gas?

What is the expected price of natural gas?

The EIA now expects natural-gas prices to average $8.69 in the third quarter and $8.48 in the fourth quarter, up 58% and 68% respectively from its projections just one month ago.

Will Natural Gas Prices Rise in Canada?

Since natural-gas consumption plummets in the summer and soars in cold weather, most Canadian households won’t likely pay much attention to the impact of higher prices until the winter of 2022-23.

Why are natural gas prices going up?

Hotter weather, slimmer supply Hot weather drives up gas prices by creating more demand for cooling. “Weather can move these prices up and down dramatically sometimes,” Molchanov said. “If it’s a very hot summer, that pushes the price up — a very cold winter pushes the price up.”

Will Natural Gas Prices Go Up in 2023?

Natural gas price at the end 7.60, change for April 5.0%. Natural gas price forecast for May 2023. The forecast for beginning of May 7.60. Maximum price 8.38, while minimum 7.58.

How much did gas cost at the pumps in Ottawa on Friday?

The price at the pumps increased to five cents on Friday, to 2.089 cents/litre at most Ottawa stations. The change overnight brought the price within one cent of the gas price record for the region that was set on May 18.

What affects the price of natural gas in Ontario?

Major weather events can also affect the market price. We don’t allow utilities in Ontario to earn a profit on the sale of gas. They must pass through to you the price they pay to buy natural gas on the open market, with no markup. Future costs. Utilities estimate how much gas they expect their customers to use, based on previous years.

What are the different energy plans available in Ottawa?

These Ottawa retailers offer a variety of plans, including fixed rate, variable, and fixed monthly plans. To find out what these providers are currently charging for their services, please use our Ontario energy rate comparison form above. There may be no city in Ontario more steeped in history than Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

What is the best energy company in Ottawa?

Residents and business owners of the city of Ottawa have a number of electricity and natural gas retailers to choose from, including the following companies: Just Energy. Link Energy. MyRate Energy. Planet Energy. RiteRate Energy. Summitt Energy.