What is the difference between link and MVL in Siebel?

What is the difference between link and MVL in Siebel?

What is the difference between link and MVL in Siebel?

A link is used to display child records in a seperate applet on the Master-Detail view. The child records store the row-id of the parent record in their foriegn-key column. Thats how the relationship is established. Whereas, a MVL is a special kind of implementation of a Link.

What is outer join flag in Siebel?

In Siebel, this is achieved by setting the ‘Outer flag’ to True in the Join Specification record. If this flag is False, then the join will not be able to retrieve data for which there is no data populated in the foreign key field.

What is Siebel picklist?

Picklists allow users to populate a field by selecting values from a list rather than typing them in fields. There are two types of picklists: static and dynamic. Static picklists draw their data from the Siebel list of values table, which is maintained by an administrator.

What is indirect MVL in Siebel?

An indirect multi-value link is a type of multi-value link where a join relates the business component on which the multi-value link is defined to the parent business component. The source field of an indirect multi-value link references a column that is joined from another table and not a column in the base table.

What is field in Siebel?

A field defines a business component field. The fields in a business component record include entries from a single value field or a multi value field. Siebel CRM evaluates required fields in alphabetical order according to the parent business component.

What is join in Siebel?

The join includes a child join constraint, which is an object type that contains a constant value search specification that Siebel CRM applies to a column during a join. Siebel CRM uses it with an outer join. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.

What is pick applet in Siebel?

A pick applet is a type of applet that Siebel CRM calls if the user clicks the Select button that Siebel CRM displays next to certain fields. A pick applet contains a scrolling table that lists choices in one list column and more information in adjacent columns.

How do I create an MVG file?

In Siebel Tools, choose the File menu, and then the New Object menu item. Click the Applets tab, choose MVG Applet, and then click OK. In the General dialog box, define properties using values from the following table, and then click Next. Enter Create Contact Access List MVG .

What is implicit join in Siebel?

Implicit joins exist as part of the Siebel object architecture. They are not explicitly defined using Siebel Tools. Unlike joins that you define in Siebel Tools, users can update the columns from implicit joins. Implicit joins exist for the following: All 1:1 (_X) extension tables and all relevant intersection tables.