What is the consultancy protocol?

What is the consultancy protocol?

What is the consultancy protocol?

The Consultancy protocol has 2 main purposes – to develop participants’ capacity to see and describe the dilemmas that are the essential material of their work, and to help each other understand and deal with them.

What is a problem of practice?

A problem of practice is an area that a school or school district identifies that focuses on the instructional core, is directly observable, is actionable, and connects to a broader strategy of improvement. Identifying a problem of practice is the first step and element of instructional rounds.

What is a learning walk?

A learning walk is a short and informal visit to a classroom, in which senior leaders focus and observe any specific area of education and then offer detailed feedback.

What is a theory of action plan?

A theory of action is a hypothesis about what will happen when a set of strategies is implemented. Developing a theory of action requires using critical judgment about which strategic actions will lead to what desired results. It is the process of connecting what we plan to do with what we hope to get.

How do you conduct learning walks?

What are the main areas of focus in a learning walk?

  1. Lesson Content. This pays attention to the content being taught in the classroom.
  2. Student Behaviour.
  3. Classroom Environment.
  4. Measurable Objectives.
  5. Collect Evidence of Progress.
  6. Teachers Meeting and Debriefing the Observation.
  7. Self-Reflection.

How long should lesson observations be?

No longer a limit on the amount of lesson observations Previously, the limit was three hours. There are also no rules on how long observations can last for or how much notice should be given before an observation. Essentially there are no rules on: How long observations can last for.

How do I develop a theory?

To develop a theory, you’ll need to follow the scientific method. First, make measurable predictions about why or how something works. Then, test those predictions with a controlled experiment, and objectively conclude whether or not the results confirm the hypotheses.

What is Talcott Parsons action theory?

In The Structure of Social Action, Talcott Parsons developed a theory of action which corresponds in structure and method to Kant’s critical philosophy. The core of this theory is the assertion that every action is to be understood as a product of the interaction of dynamizing and controlling forces.

How many learning walks are acceptable?

As with lesson observations, there are no statutory requirements to carry out a certain number of learning walks, or a limit on how many you can do. However, unions may have their own views on what qualifies as a ‘learning walk’ and how frequently you can do one.