What is the conjugation for nous?

What is the conjugation for nous?

What is the conjugation for nous?

Nous → We. Vous → You (plural informal or singular formal) Ils / Elles → They.

How do you use a French Visiter?

1 – Visiter in French = To Take A (Guided) Tour À Paris, j’ai visité le Louvre. In Paris, I visited the Louvre. Marie m’a fait visiter sa nouvelle maison. Marie gave me a tour of her new house.

What are the forms of Visiter in French?

Verb conjugation of “visiter” in French

  • je visite. tu visites.
  • il visitait. nous avons visité
  • vous visiterez.
  • ils visiteraient.

Is Ecouter avoir or être?

The passé composé is a familiar way to express the past tense “listened to” in French. To construct it, conjugate the auxiliary verb avoir to fit the subject pronoun, then attach the past participle écouté. For example, “I listened to” becomes “j’ai écouté” and “we listened to” is “nous avons écouté.”

Is la famille nous or ILS?

Ma famille et moi habitons en France, then the ‘et moi’ makes it first person plural, nous . Hope this is helpful! Famille is a feminine singular noun so needs an appropriate possessive adjective to describe it.

What is the difference between rendre visite and Visiter?

Beginner students are often unaware of the difference between the two. In short, visiter means to visit a place while rendre visite à means to visit a person.

What does the French word rendre mean?

give back
verb. give back [phrasal verb] to return something.

What is écouter mean?

verb to listen to
[ekute ] Full verb table transitive verb. to listen to.

Is Travailler avoir or être?

Simple Conjugations for the French Verb Travailler

Present Present participle
tu travailles
il travaille Passé composé
nous travaillons Auxiliary verb avoir
vous travaillez Past participle travaillé