What is the common name of heliotropium indicum?

What is the common name of heliotropium indicum?

What is the common name of heliotropium indicum?

Indian Turnsole
Heliotropium indicum L.

Family Name: Boraginaceae
Synonyms: Tiaridium indicum, Heliophytum
Common Name: Indian Turnsole, Indian Heliotrope, 大尾摇

What is the use of heliotropium indicum?

Heliotropium indicum has been used widely for centuries on warts and to treat inflammations and tumours. Throughout tropical Africa it is used as an analgesic, diuretic and for numerous skin problems (e.g. yaws, urticaria, scabies, ulcers, eczema, impetigo).

Is heliotropium indicum poisonous?

indicum is considered to be safe and nontoxic at the doses studied. However, there is a probability of a negative effect on the testes at a higher dose of the extract.

What is the English name of Akonfem atiko?

One plant documented as being used extensively in traditional medical practice is Heliotropium indicum Linn (Family: Boraginaceae) commonly known in English as “Cock’s comb” and called locally in Ghana as “Akonfem atiko” (Akan-Asante) (Burkill, 1985).

Can you drink heliotropium indicum?

Heliotropium amplexicaule In Mauritius, where it is locally a weed in sugarcane, a decoction of the plant is drunk to cure cough and fever.

How do you use Elepante herbal plant?

Skin pruritus, scabies: use pounded fresh material (quantity sufficient combine with kerosene applied over the afflicted area.) Concentrated decoction may also be used as external wash over afflicted area. Decoction of leaves used for washing cuts and sores; also used for the treatment of cholera.

Can I drink heliotropium indicum?

What is Akonfem?

Akonfem Nkatekwan| Guinea Fowl Groundnut Soup.

What is Elepante plant?

Botany. Trompang elepante is an annual, erect, branched, hirsute plant, 15 to 50 centimeters high. Leaves are opposite or alternate, ovate to oblong-ovate, somewhat hairy, acute or acuminate, base decurrent along the petiole, 3 to 8 centimeters long.

What is another name for Heliotropium indicum?

H. indicum. Binomial name. Heliotropium indicum. L. Synonyms. Heliophytum indicum. Heliotropium parviflorum. Tiaridium indicum. Heliotropium indicum, commonly known as Indian heliotrope, Indian Turnsole is an annual, hirsute plant that is a common weed in waste places and settled areas.

What is the shape of Indian heliotrope?

Indian heliotrope is an annual, erect, branched plant that can grow to a height of about 15–50 cm (5.9–19.7 in). It has a hairy stem, bearing alternating ovate to oblong-ovate leaves. It has small white or purple flowers with a green calyx; five stamens borne on a corolla tube; a terminal style; and a four-lobed ovary. The plant is native to Asia.

Is there any experimental treatment for Helicobacter indicum (H) indicum?

However, a few experimental results are mentioned in the literature. Methabenzthiazuron, dichlormate and nitrofen were found to effectively control H. indicum when applied pre-emergence to wheat (Tosh, unda). Kostermans et al. (1987) indicate moderate susceptibility to 2,4-D and MCPA when young.

What is the difference between H indicum and H elongatum?

H. indicum differs from most other weedy species in its lilac flowers, but these are sometimes white and a more reliable character is the pair of strongly divergent carpels with bidentate tips. The closely related H. elongatum has carpels parallel or only weakly divergent, longer (commonly 4-5 mm long), and without the strongly bidentate apices.