What is the command to check logon server?

What is the command to check logon server?

What is the command to check logon server?

Have the logged on user launch the command prompt on the target computer. Type Set Logonserver the name of the domain controller that authenticated the user will be returned. See the figure below.

How do I access my logon server remotely?

A simple script that prompts you for a computer name (either by hostname or IP) and will tell you the logon server the PC is authenticating to. Copy the code into a text file and save it (mine is named “logonserver_verifier”), then run it from a command prompt.

What is Nltest Dsgetdc?

Nltest may be used to enumerate trusted domains by using commands such as nltest /domain_trusts . Enterprise. T1018. Remote System Discovery. Nltest may be used to enumerate remote domain controllers using options such as /dclist and /dsgetdc .

WHAT IS SET L command?

That is what the Set L command does. it shows all variables that start with the letter L. Thus is shows %Logonserver% variable which i am told is cached and not the true server the user may be currently logged into.

What is logon process?

In general computer usage, logon is the procedure used to get access to an operating system or application, usually in a remote computer. Almost always a logon requires that the user have (1) a user ID and (2) a password.

How do I run a Nltest command?


  1. Get a list of domain controllers.
  2. Force a remote shutdown.
  3. Query the status of trust.
  4. Test trust relationships and the state of domain controller replication in a Windows domain.
  5. Force a user-account database to synchronize on Windows NT version 4.0 or earlier domain controllers.

How do I connect to a domain controller in PowerShell?

Performing a Domain Join Using PowerShell

  1. Press the Windows key to switch to the Start menu, type PowerShell and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  2. In the PowerShell prompt, type add-computer –domainname ad.contoso.com -Credential AD\adminuser -restart –force and press Enter.

How do I check my domain connection?

Windows (All)

  1. Open Command Prompt. Press Windows Key + R then enter cmd in the Run window that appears.
  2. Enter systeminfo | findstr /B “Domain” in the Command Prompt window, and press Enter.
  3. If you are not joined to a domain, you should see ‘Domain: WORKGROUP’.