What is the best SMG in Vanguard?

What is the best SMG in Vanguard?

What is the best SMG in Vanguard?

The best SMG in Call Of Duty: Vanguard is the MP40. While it doesn’t have the fastest time-to-kill, the MP40 balances power, speed and recoil control perfectly. With the right loadout, it provides a very quick 3-shot kill that makes it continue to stand as one of the best guns in the current meta.

Whats the best SMG in Modern Warfare?

The MP5 has long been the best SMG in Modern Warfare. Although it doesn’t have the fire rate of some of the other SMGs, it’s extremely effective in the confines of Modern Warfare’s maps. If you want to get around the map with speed and accuracy, the MP5 is the weapon for you.

What’s the best SMG in warzone right now?

The MP40
What is the best SMG in Warzone? Treyarch/Activision The MP40 is one of the best SMG in the current Warzone meta. The best SMG in Warzone right now is the MP40. This Vanguard gun has an extremely fast TTK and also has incredible mobility making it a top-tier pick on both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

What is the best SMG in Codm?

5 Best SMG in CoD Mobile

  • #1 QQ9. The QQ9 is a beast of an SMG.
  • #2 CBR4. CBR4 is a very new addition to the game.
  • #3 PP19 Bizon. The PP19 Bizon is the RPD of the SMG class in Call of Duty Mobile.
  • #4 Fennec. The Fennec being one of the best SMG in CoD Mobile is debatable.
  • #5 RUS-79U.
  • #1 MX9.
  • #2 QXR.
  • #3 GKS.

What is the fastest killing SMG in Vanguard?

Welgun – Lowest TTK SMG in Vanguard Season 1’s Welgun is the fastest killing SMG in Vanguard, being able to take down players in only 182 ms. This makes it the fastest killing automatic weapon in Vanguard, only being beaten out by Shotguns.

Is Type 100 or Sten better?

Pros and Cons of the Type 100 At minimum BTK with 100% hitrate, the Sten and Type 100 both kill in 333 ms. Miss one shot with each gun, and the Sten jumps to 444 ms TTK while the Type 100 is faster at 417 ms.

What SMG has the best range?

LC10. The LC10 was added to the game with the Season 2 Reloaded update, but the SMG had a difficult time against some of the meta weapons in the game. It has since become a staple of the long range meta. The LC10 has established itself as the best close range option for anyone with a sniper rifle in their loadout.

Is Pharaoh a good gun?

Pharo is in the submachine gun weapon class of Call of Duty Mobile that has very high damage and high fire rate which is very good to use in close range combat for both aggressive and defensive techniques. Pharo has impressive stats and is considered to be one of the best guns in the COD Mobile.