What is the best definition of an ecosystem?

What is the best definition of an ecosystem?

What is the best definition of an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscapes, work together to form a bubble of life.

How did Tansley define ecosystem?

Tansley (1935) defined an “ecosystem” as a biological assemblage interacting with its associated physical environment and located in a specific place.

What is an ecosystem in 2mark?

Answer. Answer: An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system. By feeding on plants and on one-another, animals play an important role in the movement of matter and energy through the system.

What is an ecosystem Oxford dictionary?

noun. /ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/ /ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/ ​all the plants and living creatures in a particular area considered in relation to their physical environment.

What is ecosystem definition and example?

The definition of an ecosystem is a group of plants, animals and bacteria that work together to remain healthy. An example of an ecosystem is a coral reef. noun.

What is ecosystem define with example?

An ecosystem includes the interaction of the living things with the non-living environment. It includes animals which are interdependent on each other for survival and can be represented by a food chain. Example- Ponds or lakes are natural stationary freshwater ecosystems. Producers include phytoplanktons.

Who derived term ecosystem?

The term “ecosystem” was first used in 1935 in a publication by British ecologist Arthur Tansley. The term was coined by Arthur Roy Clapham, who came up with the word at Tansley’s request. Tansley devised the concept to draw attention to the importance of transfers of materials between organisms and their environment.

What is an ecosystem Class 9?

An ecosystem is a community of plants, animals and smaller organisms that live,feed, reproduce and interact in the same area or environment.

What is an ecosystem Class 10?

Ecosystem refers to a system that includes all living organisms ( Biotic factors) such as plants, animals, microorganisms etc in a habitat as well as its physical environment ( Abiotic factors) such as weather, soil, earth, sun, climate, rocks minerals etc, functioning together as a unit.