What is the best channel to learn Arabic?

What is the best channel to learn Arabic?

What is the best channel to learn Arabic?

12 Essential YouTube channels to watch if you’re learning Arabic

  • Learn Arabic with Maha. Keep learning Arabic easy and breezy with fun video lessons from Maha.
  • FC Lang Media.
  • Learn Arabic with Qasid.
  • Mohamed Teaches Arabic.
  • Emirati Arabic.
  • Fahad Sal.
  • Mike Still.
  • AlComedy Club.

How can I learn Arabic online?

5 Free Online Audio & Podcasts to Help You Learn Arabic

  1. ArabicPod101. The Innovative Language podcasts are a favorite resource of the Fluent in 3 Months team.
  2. Language Transfer. What is this?
  3. TuneIn.
  4. Forvo.
  5. LanguageGuide.org.
  6. ArabicPod101.
  7. Easy Arabic.
  8. Learn Arabic with Maha.

Can I learn Arabic by watching movies?

An excellent way to learn a language and culture is through films. If you’re studying Arabic, you can advance your knowledge by watching 12 movies to learn Arabic. My love for movies and languages undoubtedly helped me write several articles on learning a new language through films and TV shows.

Who is the most famous Arab YouTuber?

Ahmed Al Nasheet, popularly known as Dvlzgame, is one of the biggest names on YouTube and uploads a wide variety of video content. Apart from his many accomplishments, he’s also the first-ever Arab YouTuber to reach 100,000,000 views.

Can I learn Arabic from YouTube?

Over the past few years, YouTube has seen a large increase of Arabic teaching channels. Consequently, many language learners have started using YouTube to learn Arabic and many other languages. YouTube is a must-use for every serious learner.

Which app is good for learning Arabic?

Pimsleur has been producing language learning courses for over 50 years — they must be doing something right. Now available as an app for Android or iOS, Pimsleur offers an Arabic course that will get you speaking and listening to Arabic quicker than almost any other resource.

What should I watch to learn Arabic?

10 movies and series to watch if you’re learning Arabic

  • Capernaum, 2018. Dialect: Lebanese/Syrian.
  • Barakah Meets Barakah, 2016. Dialect: Saudi.
  • Sand Storm, 2016. Dialect: Bedouin / Palestinian.
  • For Sama, 2019. Dialect: Syrian.
  • Wadjda, 2012. Dialect: Saudi.
  • Baghdad Central. Dialect: Iraqi.
  • Fauda.
  • Six Windows in the Desert.

How can I learn Arabic language?

It will take hard work, dedication, and time, but it’s certainly achievable.

  1. Decide which form of Arabic you want to learn. There are many types of Arabic.
  2. Start with the basics.
  3. Learn to use the Arabic dictionary.
  4. Immerse yourself in study and practice.
  5. Speak the language.
  6. Never stop learning.

Can I learn Arabic by myself?

It’s easy to begin the journey of learning Arabic, but challenging to see it through. Mastering the language will require years of study, but gaining conversation skills can come quickly if you dedicate yourself to the pursuit.