What is the average lifespan of a African Sideneck turtle?

What is the average lifespan of a African Sideneck turtle?

What is the average lifespan of a African Sideneck turtle?

African Sideneck Turtle Overview

Common Names (s) African side-necked turtle, African helmeted turtle
Adult Size 7-12 inches
Average Lifespan 20 years
Diet Omnivorous
Housing Aquarium tanks

What can live with African Sideneck turtle?

Quick Facts about the African Sideneck Turtle

Species Name African sideneck turtle
Diet Omnivores
Minimum Tank Size 75 gallons
Tank Set-Up Tank, water, land, basking rock
Compatibility Can live with other turtles and larger fish

How often do you feed a African Sideneck turtle?

An African sideneck turtle will eat anything his owner sets out for him, because he has the same opportunistic feeding mindset he would have in the wild. Feed a hatchling once a day, a juvenile every other day and an adult twice weekly. Feed no more than the turtle can eat in 15 to 20 minutes.

Do African Sideneck turtles like to be pet?

African Sideneck Turtle Behavior and Temperament You can socialize pet aquatic turtles with frequent interaction, and African sidenecks are no exception. They might be a little shy at first, but once they’re comfortable, they’re typically inquisitive, active turtles that can be interesting to watch.

Are African Sideneck Turtles good swimmers?

He is about 4 and a half inches, in a 50 gallon tank. I’ve read that it should be over the width of his shell so he can flip over and make sure he doesn’t get stuck, I’ve heard they like a lot of water, because they are good swimmers.

How long can African Sideneck turtles stay out of water?

On a typical day, an African sideneck turtle can remain out of water for a couple of hours. But in dire circumstances, they can survive for 2 weeks without water. As for the brumation and aestivation periods, they can spend 5 to 8 months out of water.

Can African Sideneck turtles swim?

The African Sideneck turtle is one of the few types of pet turtle that is as fun to own as it is cute. These adorable aquatic turtles are active and inquisitive, and will happily swim around their tank or watch you walk around once they’re comfortable with your presence.

How big can African Sideneck turtles get?

between 7 and 12 inches
African Sideneck Turtle Size African sidenecks are on the larger-side of the spectrum and can reach an adult size between 7 and 12 inches, with the females reaching a larger size than their male counterparts. Male sidenecks grow to reach a maximum length of about 10 inches.

Can African sideneck turtles eat fruit?

West African Mud turtles (also known as African Sideneck turtles) can be fed occasional pieces of fruit. This should be used as a treat, not as a main dietary staple due to the high sugar content. Some good choices include apples, grapes, guava, mango, melon, and peaches.

How big do African Sideneck turtles get?