What is the architectural style of Bosco Verticale?

What is the architectural style of Bosco Verticale?

What is the architectural style of Bosco Verticale?

Milan’s Il Bosco Verticale (the Vertical Forest) is a new approach to high rise buildings in which trees and humans co-exist. In essence it is an architectural concept which replaces traditional materials on urban surfaces using the changing polychromy of leaves for its walls.

Is Bosco Verticale built?

2009Bosco Verticale / Construction started

How much did Bosco Verticale cost?

Bosco Verticale will cost EUR65 million (US$87.5 million) and is stage one of the proposed BioMilano, which is hoped to create a green belt around the city.

Is Bosco Verticale sustainable?

Bosco Verticale is the world’s first-of-its-kind sustainable residential project.

How tall is the Bosco Verticale?

They have a height of 111 metres (364 ft) and 76 metres (249 ft) and contain more than 900 trees (approximately 550 and 350 in the first and second towers, respectively) on 8,900 square metres (96,000 sq ft) of terraces.

How many trees bushes and flowers are there on the Bosco Verticale towers?

Bosco Verticale – a pair of residential towers situated in the heart of the Porta Nuova district of Milan – is home to over 21,000 trees, shrubs and perennial plants. The vegetation converts an average of 44,000 pounds of carbon each year, while mitigating noise pollution from the street-level traffic below.

Is Bosco Verticale LEED certified?

Archetype of a new urbanism. Icon of a new urban reforestation model and the requalification of Porta Nuova, Bosco Verticale, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and LEED Gold certified, is certainly the most renowned symbol of green urban development.

What is the vertical forest made of?

Vertical Forest is a residential complex consisting of two towers, 110 and 76 meters high (160 and 250 feet), completed in 2014 in Milan’s Porta Nuova district.

How many floors is Bosco Verticale?

26 floors
Bosco Verticale is one of the biggest European redevelopment projects, consisting of two residential towers of which the largest is 26 floors and 110 metres high (called Torre E) and the smaller tower is 18 floors and 76 metres high (called Torre D).

Why dont we plant trees on top of buildings?

Trees often don’t grow well on top of skyscrapers, De Chant explains, for a few crucial reasons. First, it’s much windier up there, which strips the tiny protective layer of air every leaf maintains.

How is Bosco Verticale maintained?

The planting containers of the Bosco Verticale’s 3.3-meter-deep cantilevered terraces are protected with a bituminous waterproofing membrane, and are preserved by protective sheeting against root penetration and each has an automatic irrigation system.

When was Bosco Verticale built?