What is the 3 monthly pack of Sun Direct?

What is the 3 monthly pack of Sun Direct?

What is the 3 monthly pack of Sun Direct?

Sun Direct 3 Months Plans and Packages

Operator Amount Plans Description
Sun Direct 659 SD – Malayalam DPO Pack 2
Sun Direct 899 SD – Tamil DPO Pack 3
Sun Direct 910 SD – Telugu DPO Pack 3
Sun Direct 909 SD – Kannada DPO Pack 3

Which is best pack in Sun Direct?

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plans & Packages

Sun Direct DTH Plans Validity Price Rs. (Excl. GST)
HD ROI DPO Pack 2 1 Month Rs. 422.03
HD Tamil DPO Pack 1 1 Month Rs. 249.15
HD Telugu DPO Pack 1 1 Month Rs. 272.88
HD Kannada DPO Pack 1 1 Month Rs.263.55

Is Sun Direct DTH good?

Worst Customer service and disappointing responses. Don’t ever make a try of knowing the plans of sun dth through a customer care service. My worst experience started from there. If their app or browser isn’t working please don’t recharge else you might end up losing your money.

What is SD+ and HD+ in Sun Direct?

The SD+ pack comes with benefits such as PVR (Personal video recorder) with external capacity of up to 32 GB, MPEG-4 & Multi Audio selection. The HD+ packs come with improved AV technology like Digital Dolby Surround Sound, HEVC and 1081i in 16:9 aspect ratio to give you an incredible viewing experience.

What is the price of Sun Direct HD?

While the standard resolution support Sun Direct SD+ set-top box is priced at Rs. 1,799, customers can get the high-definition (HD) experience through the Sun Direct HD+ set-top-box at Rs. 1,999.

What is the 6 months Pack of Sun Direct?

Sun Direct 6 Months Plans and Packages

Amount Validity (Days) Plans Description
1059 180 SD – Tamil DPO Pack 1
1131 180 SD – Telugu DPO Pack 1
1129 180 SD – Kannada DPO Pack 1
1125 180 SD – Malayalam DPO Pack 1

How do I add HD channels to Sun Direct?

How to add channel in Sun Direct DTH

  1. Visit the official Sun Direct website.
  2. Click on ‘My Account’ on top.
  3. Sign in using your registered mobile number, smart card number, or customer ID number.
  4. Go to the Subscription Pack page.
  5. Choose your preferred bouquets or Ala-Carte (Add-on) channels.
  6. Proceed to make the payment.

What is the 12 month pack of Sun Direct?

A few of the best Sun Direct 1 year recharge amount lists are Mega plus HD Sun Direct 1 year pack which offers 257 popular channels including the regional channels at Rs 4300 annually and Value plus Sun Direct annual pack which has a mix of 249 channels across different categories like news, entertainment, music, etc …

What is the 6 month pack of Sun Direct?

Which is best Sun Direct or Tata Sky?

Sun Direct has better choice for south Indian channels. Number of south Indian HD channels are good. Price is reasonable compared to Tata Sky.

Which is better Sun Direct or Dish TV?

SunDirect TV is better for those customers who love sports as it provides several sports channels and many premium channels that are not available in DishTV DTH. But when it comes to premium channels then the number of channels provided by DishTV DTH is far better than the SunDirect TV.