What is technical-scientific model?

What is technical-scientific model?

What is technical-scientific model?

The Technical-Scientific Models A way of planning curricula to optimize students’ learning and to allow them to increase their output. A plan for structuring the learning environment and coordinating the elements of personnel, materials, and equipment. A complex unity of parts organized to serve a common function.

What are the approaches of curriculum?

Approach to curriculum is a design for deciding the various aspects of curriculum development and transaction. It is a planned or pattern of organization that the teachers follow in providing learning experiences to the learners.

What are the three approaches of curriculum design?

What are the three models of curriculum design? There are three models of curriculum design: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design.

What is Saylor and Alexander model?

Galen Saylor and William Alexander Curriculum Model (1974) Curriculum is “a plan for providing sets of learning opportunities to achieve broad educational goals and specific learning objectives for an identiafiable population served by a single school centre.”

Which is the non scientific model of curriculum development?

One model under the non-scientific approach is the Deliberation model.

What is Hilda Taba model?

Hilda Taba created a multi-purpose teaching model that utilizes the use of multiple processes: listing, grouping, labeling, regrouping, and synthesizing. Taba is an inductive (teacher) approach. Taba is a belief that teachers are aware of the students needs hence they should be the one to develop the curriculum.

What are the non technical non scientific approach of curriculum?

NONTECHNICAL/ NONSCIENTIFIC APPROACHThis approach considers that the curriculum evolves rather than being planned precisely. Subject matter has importance only if student can find meaning in it for himself or herself.