What is Stms configuration in SAP?

What is Stms configuration in SAP?

What is Stms configuration in SAP?

STMS is the transport tool that assists the CTO for central management of all transport functions. TMS is used for performing: Defining Transport Domain Controller. Configuring the SAP system Landscape. Defining the Transport Routes among systems within the system Landscape.

In which SAP client can be used to configure Stms?

Log on in client 000 in the SAP system that you want to configure as the transport domain controller. Call transaction STMS.

How do I change Stms configuration?

To change the configuration of an SAP System:

  1. Log on to the SAP system that functions as the transport domain controller.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview Systems.
  4. Position the cursor on the SAP system whose configuration you want to change.
  5. Choose SAP System Change.

How do I add a system in Stms?

To add a system, log on to the SAP system that you want to add to the system. Use client 000 and start transaction STMS. If the system is not added, TMS will check the configuration file DOMAIN. CFG and will ask to join the domain.

How do I import Tr into Stms?

How to import SAP transport request – STMS Import

  1. Step 1: > Execute T-CODE “stms_import”:
  2. Step 2 >You can see the following screen:
  3. Step 3: Click on refresh button:
  4. Step 4: Do Cntr+F to find the TR number to be imported in the List:
  5. Step 5 : Now select the TR # and click on half filled truck button to import request:

What is transport group in Stms?

Transport groups is basically where all R/3 systems that access a common transport directory. It’s something like that you want to move a transport request from DEV to 5 clients in QAS where your transport groups help.

How do I delete a Stms configuration in SAP?

To delete the TMS configuration for a system:

  1. Log on to the relevant SAP system.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose. Overview. Systems. . The system overview appears.
  4. Choose. Extras. Delete TMS Configuration. .
  5. Confirm the prompt.

How do I change transport groups in Stms?

To change the target group, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the target group.
  2. Choose Edit Transport Target Group Change . The dialog box Change Target Group appears.
  3. To insert a new target, choose Insert Row.
  4. To delete a target, choose Delete Row.
  5. Copy the target group in the current configuration.

How do I create a transport group in SAP Stms?


  1. Login to DC (Domain Controller) Development System/ 000 client with user like DDIC.
  2. Execute STMS > Will prompt to create a transport Domain.
  3. Login to Quality system.
  4. Similarly perform the to include production into DC.
  5. Login to the DC.
  6. From DC.
  7. Defining the Landscape.

How do I import a TR file?

How do I import a Cofile and data file in SAP?

hello vivek,

  1. goto AL11–>check the DIR_TRANS.
  2. copy the co & data files in the respective directories.
  3. Run the t-code “STMS_IMPORT”. Select extras >other requests >add that paricular request which you have copied.
  4. The request is included in the import queue of the system now.

Which of the following files of TP contain configuration?

BIN–: It is used to provide the configuration file for domain controller and TP profile parameters.

What is STMS domain controller in SAP?

STMS [SAP Transport Management System] Domain Controller–: It is used to control the landscape. There will be only one domain controller in the landscape.

How do I set up TMS in SAP?

TMS Configuration Step 1: Setting up the Domain Controller Log on to the SAP system, which is decided to be the Domain Controller, in client 000 and enter the transaction code STMS. If there is no Domain Controller already, a system will prompt you to create one.

How to integrate sap with domain controller system?

For complete acceptance, login to Domain Controller System (Client 000) -> STMS -> Overview -> Systems. New system will be visible there. From the menu choose ‘SAP System’ -> Approve.

How do I approve a transport route in SAP?

From the menu choose ‘SAP System’ -> Approve. Transport Routes – are the different routes created by system administrators and are used to transmit changes between the systems in a system group/landscape. There are two types of transport routes: