What is Sona subject pool?

What is Sona subject pool?

What is Sona subject pool?

The psychology Department at Penn SAS uses the commercial platform ‘sona’ as a contractor for the management of Subject Pool. The pool consists of students who are enrolled in courses offered by the Dept for which the instructors have agreed to offer course credit in exchange for research participation.

What is subject pool credit?

What is a Subject Pool? Undergraduate subject pools are comprised of undergraduate students enrolled in particular departmental courses offering course credit for participation in one or more research projects.

How do I get a SONA account?

Creating a Student Account

  1. Please visit the Department’s Sona Systems web site.
  2. Go to the section on the left that reads “New Participant” and click on the link titled “Request an account here”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page.
  4. Once you have typed in your information, click the “Request Account” button.

How does Sona work?

Sona is an online scheduling system used to record your research participation credit. You will go to the Sona website to find out what studies are being offered in a given quarter, and you will use the site to sign up for studies. The instructions below will orient you to the system.

What is a subject pool?

Definitions. 1. Subject Pool: An aggregation of people from which research participants may be recruited. 2. Recruitment Registry: An organization that collects and maintains contact information from individuals who have agreed to join an established subject pool in order to receive information about available research …

What does Sona stand for research?

Student Research Participation
Student Research Participation (SONA) Psychology.

What are subject pools?

What happens if you miss a SONA study?

If you become unable to attend your scheduled Sona appointment, you must provide 24 hours notice to the researcher. If you have to cancel, the researcher may be able to reschedule you for another time, if the schedule allows.

What is my SONA ID?

SONA assigns all participants a random, anonymous 5- or 6-digit ID code. This ID code is the only way you will be able to identify any participant through SONA. You will not be able to get their names, UNIs or emails through SONA. Make sure to ask participants for their ID codes during your study.

Are Sona studies anonymous?

What is the full form of SONA?

SONA. State Of the Nation Address.