What is si02 coating?

What is si02 coating?

What is si02 coating?

The SiO2 (silicon dioxide) ceramic coating is the most well known and widely used version of ceramic coating. It achieves a hardness of up to 9H (highest verifiable rating) on the hardness scale. SiO2 coatings typically provide a slicker surface and deeper/richer color than other coatings.

How long does SiO2 coating last?

How long does SiO2 Liquid Glass last on surfaces? In certain environments, our coatings may last in the 10’s of years. We now offer warranties of 2 years.

What is si02 technology?

A lot of products claim to have SiO2 technology, but what exactly is SiO2? Scientifically speaking, SiO2, also called silica dioxide, is found in nature as quartz. It is meant to provide a rock-hard layer of protection to your surfaces. It has the characteristics of being water repellent, hard and self-healing.

How do I get si02?

Place the orthosilicic acid into a heat-safe glass or porcelain dish and heat it over a burner flame for about 5 minutes. The orthosilicic acid dries to form silicon dioxide, SiO2, which is your pure sand.

Does SiO2 have UV protection?

When applied to your vehicle, SiO2 delivers superior water beading. Sheets of water pull away from the paint surface as they bead up. The advanced formula is capable of much more. It resists ultraviolet (UV) light, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants as well.

Is silica the same as silicone?

Both silicon and silica contains silicon atoms. But silica is different from silicon due to their structures and properties. The main difference between silicon and silica is that silicon is an element whereas silica is a compound.

Which ceramic coating has the most silicon dioxide?

Professional-grade ceramic coatings are about 93 percent SiO2. Those products are applied by professional detailers only. The general rule of thumb is that the higher SiO2 percentage, the stronger the coating is going to harden, the more durable it will be, and thus, longer it will last.

Are graphene ceramic coatings worth it?

Graphene coatings claim to offer good to great durability and are less prone to water spots than ceramic coatings, while ceramic coatings are typically cheaper and more readily available. Both ceramic and graphene coatings are similar in terms of gloss, hydrophobicity and application method.