What is scratchboard made of?

What is scratchboard made of?

What is scratchboard made of?

Scratchboard (a.k.a. scraperboard) is a very fine layer of kaolin clay spread onto a surface (either hardboard or paper) and coated with black ink.

What is scraperboard technique?

scratchboard, also called Scraperboard, a technique used by commercial artists and illustrators to make drawings that can easily be reproduced and that closely resemble either wood engravings or woodcuts.

Who invented scratchboard?

Scratchboard or scraperboard was invented in the 19th Century in Britain and France, but it’s use was not popularized until mid (20th) century America, when it became a popular medium for reproduction because it replaced wood, metal and linoleum engraving.

How do you make a homemade scratch board?

DIY Scratchboards

  1. Cover the entire surface of your paper with areas of crayon or your oils pastels. You choose the color combination.
  2. Mix the paint and detergent together using a 1:1 ratio.
  3. Paint over the crayon entirely and let dry.
  4. Using your utensil, start scratching away to reveal the colors beneath.

What is scratch art called?

Scratch Art is also known as Artfoil, Foil Art or Engraving Art. It is a creative activity where you can craft a beautiful picture using a scraper tool. Each Artfoil project comes with a scraper tool and a scratch art picture, this is a board that is covered with a black ink layer.

What makes scratchbord so special?

Scratch easily with controlled, crisp, clean lines to create exquisitely detailed white-on-black art. Scratchbord is acid-free and archival. Scratchbord has a smooth, absorbent kaolin clay ground that is evenly coated with India ink. Scratch easily with controlled, crisp, clean lines to cre…

What is the best scratchboard for beginners?

Available in straight and curved styles. Scratch-Art Scratchboard is an economical clay-coated board that’s ideal for all scratching techniques. Use a scratch knife, brush, and other drawing tools to produce sophisticated textures and effects on this student-grade board.

What are the materials and tools used in a scratchboard?

Materials and tools. Some of the tools professional scratchboard artists use for scratching through the ink include xacto blades, scalpel blades, tattoo needles, tips made by speedball (scratchboard tips #112 and 113), tips made by scratch-art brand, small fiberglass brushes, wire brushes, sandpaper, steel wool, parallel-line tool, ink erasers,…