What is Rinn XCP?

What is Rinn XCP?

What is Rinn XCP?

Rinn’s film holders, also called XCP (X-tension C-one P-arallelying), are devices used for endoral radiographs applying the parallel ray technique. They ensure that film will be perpendicular to X-rays. Their colors can be: Yellow for lateral teeth (molars and premolars)

How do you sterilize XCP?

Put components in sterilization pouches, and place in the middle tray of the autoclave, away from autoclave walls and heating element. Plastic parts must be in a separate pouch from metal arms to avoid melting or warping. 4. Cycle steam autoclave at 270°F (132° C) for 10 minutes at 30 PSI (206.8 kPa).

What is a snap a ray used for?

Snap-A-Ray DS Universal Sensor Holder is used to easily take anterior and posterior periapical radiographs. The universal design fits all sensors. The soft over-molding is gentle to the sensor case, while the soft grips protect the sensor case from hard edges.

What does XCP mean in dental?

extension cone paralleling
XCP dental x-ray film positioning devices help to increase the dimensional accuracy of dental x-ray images. (XCP stands for “extension cone paralleling.” Some dental assistants refer to them as “Rinn” devices, after a company that manufactures them.)

What is a bitewing xray?

Bitewings are one of the most common sets of X-rays. Bitewings show teeth above the gum line and the height of the bone between teeth. Bitewings help diagnose gum disease and cavities between teeth. The bitewing X-ray is placed on the tongue side of your teeth and held in place by biting down on a cardboard tab.

How do you use Eezee grip digital sensor holder?

Simply insert sensor, squeeze and you’re ready to go.

  1. Accurate positioning for distortion-free radiographs.
  2. Use for all anterior and posterior radiographs, including the 3rd molar region.
  3. Patented flexible grips for patient comfort.
  4. Designed for a snug fit to prevent sensor slipping.