What is pubic tubercle?

What is pubic tubercle?

What is pubic tubercle?

The pubic tubercle is a prominent forward-projecting tubercle on the upper border of the medial portion of the superior ramus of the pubis bone. The inguinal ligament attaches to it. Part of the abdominal external oblique muscle inserts onto it.

Which bone has the pubic tubercle?

The pubic tubercle is a rounded bony projection located on the lateral end of the pubic crest. This crest is the upper border of the body of the pubic bone. The pubic bone, or pubis, is the smallest and most anterior of the components of the hip bone.

What originates from pubic tubercle?

External oblique This arises from the lower eight ribs and is inserted into the iliac crest, pubic tubercle and pubic crest (Figs 4.3, 4.4, also see Fig. 4.84). Between the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle its lower curved free border forms the inguinal ligament.

What is superior rim of pubis?

The Ilium is the physically largest of the three pelvic bones. It is located superiorly relative to the pubis and ischium. It is composed of a wing-shaped portion called the superior ala along with the inferior body. The rim of the superior ala is called the iliac crest.

What is the pubic region called?

Pubis (bone)

Pubic region (Pubis)
Pelvic girdle
Male pelvis with Pubis at bottom
Part of Pelvis

What muscles attach to the pubis?

Muscles that insert on the pubis:

  • rectus abdominis muscle (lateral head) just lateral to pubic crest.
  • pyramidalis muscle just below the attachment of rectus abdominis.
  • levator ani muscle (levator prostatae and puborectalis)
  • conjoint tendon at the pecten pubis.

Which hernia is lateral to pubic tubercle?

inguinal hernias
Results: 96.8% of inguinal hernias have their necks above and lateral to pubic tubercle while all femoral hernia had their necks below and lateral to the pubic tubercle.

Can you feel pubic tubercle?

Approaching the midline, the pubic tubercles are felt as prominences at the lateral edges of the pubic crest. The pubic tubercles lie at the same horizontal level as the greater trochanters. Links: anterior superior iliac spines.