What is Permaswage fitting?

What is Permaswage fitting?

What is Permaswage fitting?

Permaswage® fittings are radial compressed (mechanically) onto compatible tubing to provide a permanent joint with metal to metal sealing. The joint is effected by differential springback between the tube and fitting.

How does Permaswage work?

Permaswage® System The process works by deforming the metal fitting onto a tube radially, 360° around the circumference using the Permaswage Lightweight Tool (DLT). The interference between the fitting and tube produces a leak resistant seal that is structurally sound.

Who owns Permaswage?

The purchase expands Precisions fluid fittings capabilities. Diversified manufacturer Precision Castparts Corp. (NYSE: PCP), Portland, OR, has agreed to acquire California-based Permaswage SAS, a manufacturer of aerospace fluid fittings, for $600 million.

What is an axial swage?

Axial swaged fitting is a tube fitting that is mechanically attached to the tube by axial swaging. It works by deforming the fitting into the tube being joined by moving a ring, a component of the Permalite / AS Fitting, axially along the fitting length using a Permaswage Axial swage Tool (DAT).

What is a Swedge tool?

Swaging tools use pressure to expand or stretch the end of a piece of copper tubing so it can fit over another of the same diameter and make a permanent brazed connection.

What are swaging tools?

Swaging tools are used to put secure loops in the end of wire rope. Used for attaching signs and display samples as well as for marine, aircraft, theatrical & industrial rigging. Versatile, cable loop can be made any size and any length. Strong, when a cable is swaged properly it will hold the full rated strength.

What is a swage machine?

Swaging machines, also known as swagers, are a low-cost way to efficiently point, reduce and form rod, tube or wire. Based on a simple principle, it is the process of shaping metal (forging) by means of a series of very rapid blows delivered by rotating hammers and forming dies around a piece of work.