What is NXP Mifare?

What is NXP Mifare?

What is NXP Mifare?

MIFARE is the NXP Semiconductors-owned trademark of a series of integrated circuit (IC) chips used in contactless smart cards and proximity cards. The brand name covers proprietary solutions based upon various levels of the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A 13.56 MHz contactless smart card standard.

What is Mifare Sam?

For a growing number of smart card applications, where service providers need to ensure data and transaction security, NXP´s MIFARE SAMs (Secure Access Modules) are a good solution. It turns even the simplest reader into a high-security transaction device.

What is Sam Card?

A secure application module ( SAM ) is an additional chip or module that provides a higher level of security for smart-card applications. All smart-cards have security features. They use various forms of cryptography to protect the system from unauthorized access to the system and unauthorized transactions.

Is Mifare safe?

MIFARE DESFire provides the most secure, practically unbreakable 128 bit encryptions. In a MIFARE DESFire EV1 transponder there are 28 applications, each containing 32 files. Encrypted data is stored in those files in these applications which can further be protected with security keys.

What is MIFARE used for?

MIFARE is a contactless card technology that was introduced in 1994. It was primarily used for transport passes, but its technological capabilities quickly made it one of the most popular smart cards for storing data and providing access control.

What is the difference between Sam and SIM?

Physically, a SAM card can be a SIM card plugged into a SAM slot in a card reader, or a fixed integrated circuit in a housing directly soldered on a printed circuit board. Generally, a reader system consists of a microcontroller and a reader IC to communicate over the RF interface with a contactless smartcard.

What is an SAM plug?

Harshad Patel. Enit Sam Connector is a set of tools that enable you to flash the on-board EFI-ROM (BIOS). This board plugs into the J6100 connector of the motherboard of a MacBook. It comes with a cable that connects to a DIP-8 header on the other side for easy connection to your programmer.

What is Sam port?

A secure access module or secure application module (SAM) is a piece of cryptographic hardware typically used by smart card card readers to perform mutual key authentication. SAMs can be used to manage access in a variety of contexts, such as public transport fare collection and point of sale devices.