What is my ZIP code for Ohio?

What is my ZIP code for Ohio?

What is my ZIP code for Ohio?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 430 in Ohio

Zip Code City County
43002 Amlin Franklin County
43003 Ashley Delaware County
43004 Blacklick Franklin County
43005 Bladensburg Knox County

What counties are in Ohio?

There are 88 counties in the U.S. state of Ohio.

What is the richest ZIP code in Ohio?

10 Richest Ohio Zip Codes

Rank Zip Code Mean Income
1 44040 $256,342
2 45174 $250,819
3 44022 $209,278
4 45243 $207,970

Do all Ohio zip codes start with 4?

These numbers are assigned from 0-9 spreading East to West. The 4 was assigned to Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana. All Maine zip codes start with 0. All California zip codes start with 9.

What are the area codes in Ohio?

The Area Code Once exhausted, a new area code is required. Presently, 12 area codes are used in Ohio: 216, 330/234, 419/567, 440, 513, 614/380, 740/220 and 937.

How many zip codes are in Ohio?

Ohio has a total of 1197 active zip codes.

How many counties are in Ohio Ohio?

88 Ohio counties
Below are the 88 Ohio counties sorted by population from 1 to 88 .

What is the wealthiest county in Ohio?

Incomes tend to rise with educational attainment, and not only is Delaware County the wealthiest in Ohio, it is also the best educated. Some 54.3% of adults in the county have a bachelor’s degree or higher, nearly double the comparable 28.3% statewide share.

What are the poorest zip codes in Ohio?

High unemployment (Less jobs)

  • Low median income (Less pay)
  • Low population density (No things to do)
  • Low home values (No one’s willing to pay to live here)
  • High crime (Estimated)
  • What state has the most ZIP codes?

    Zip codes by State. USPS Zip Code Locator. ID State Name ST Zip Min Zip Max; 6: Alaska: AK: 99501: 99950: 5: Alabama: AL: 35004: 36925: 69: Arkansas: AR: 71601: 72959: 8: Arkansas (Texarkana) AR: 75502: 75502: 7: Arizona: AZ: 85001: 86556: 9: California: CA: 90001: 96162: 10: Colorado: CO: 80001: 81658: 11: Connecticut: CT: 6001: 6389: 73: Connecticut: CT: 6401: 6928: 13: Dist of Columbia: DC: 20001: 20039: 74: Dist of Columbia: DC: 20042: 20599: 63

    What are the Ohio county codes?

    hglnd county 45135 highland hickman 43055 licking hicksville 43526 defiance hide a way hills 43107 fairfield hide away hills 43107 fairfield hideaway hls 43107 fairfield higginsport 45131 brown high hill 43727 muskingum highland 45132 highland highland county 45135 highland highland heights 44143 cuyahoga highland hgts 44143 cuyahoga

    Do any zip codes cross county lines?

    ZIP Codes cross county lines about 20% of the time.Many ZIP Codes span several counties and some even cross state lines. This Counties by ZIP Code product was created to identify ZIP Codes that span multiple counties (ZIP Code to County database), isolate one-to-one County to ZIP Code relationships, and/or identify all ZIP Codes within a given county’s boundary.