What is multi SIM in Mobily?

What is multi SIM in Mobily?

What is multi SIM in Mobily?

The Multi SIM service allows customers to have additional SIMs of the same main number to use the internet in different other devices like modems, tablets, and other cell-phones at the same price.

How can I get unlimited Internet on Mobily?

If the customer has unlimited data on his current package, he will not be eligible to activate the service….More Details.

How to subscribe
sms Send 441 to 1100 – Daily Send 447 to 1100 – Weekly Send 440 to 1100 – Monthly
Web portal My Mobily -> My servies -> Messaging

Can I use Dual SIM for data?

How can I use mobile data in a dual SIM phone? While you can make and receive calls and SMS from either SIM card in dual SIM phones, you can only have one active data connection to the internet. In the Settings section of your phone you are required to set your preferred SIM for connecting to the Internet.

Can you use 2 different network SIMs in a dual SIM phone?

Can I use multiple networks on a dual SIM phone? You can technically use two different SIM networks on the same phone. But, like with a single SIM, some phones are locked to the network provider. So you’ll need to take this into consideration when buying the phone.

How can I use 2 4G SIM in one mobile?

Technically you can use two 4G sims in one smartphone. But if one of them supports only 4G/VoLTE like Jio, then by switching mobile data to another sim will lead to ‘No Network’ for VoLTE sim. You can use 4G on either of sim but at a time only one sim can be used on 4G/VoLTE. Other sim will be using 2G/3G.

Can you have 2 SIMs same number?

Both SIM cards need to have unique numbers so it is NOT possible to have dual sim cards with the same number. This is because your number is linked to one unique SIM card and cannot be divided at the moment.

What is multi SIM subscription?

Multi-SIM. Multi-SIM service is only available on postpaid 3G SIM cards and selected mobile/mobile broadband plans except Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract and Bespoke SIM-only. Customers can subscribe to a maximum of 2 additional SIM cards per line.

How can I use Mobily free WiFi?

A free public WiFi service from Mobily available for everyone.

  1. The service is available for Mobily and Non-Mobily customers.
  2. 2 hours free of charge per day for any user.
  3. User must search and connect to “KSA Free WiFi – Mobily”
  4. Enter your mobile number (local mobile or international number)

How much is 100GB Mobily data?

SR 184
Data Bundles

Data Volume Duration Price**
100GB 30 Days SR 184
100GB +125GB YouTube 90 Days SR 368
300GB 90 Days SR 517.5
600GB 180 Days SR 1035

Does dual SIM affect Internet speed?

No. Phones come with switchable network bands on a particular slot. So, if you put a 4G SIM in any one of the slot and if you select that SIM slot for data connection, you won’t get any speed change.

What is a dual SIM phone?

A dual sim phone is useful for people needing to carry a different SIM card in two different countries. Or merely keeping contacts separate and never mixing personal and business accounts. What makes Dual SIM Phone unique? You can utilize advanced technology and improve your connectivity and convenience.

Which is the best dual SIM phone for budget?

Best Budget Dual-Sim Card Phone: Nokia 4.2 Android One “if you’re looking for a reliable dual SIM phone for an affordable price then this Nokia is the best option. ” Cost-effective Dual-Sim Card Phone: Motorola Moto G6 Plus “One of the leading dual SIM phones that is affordable and offers high performing audio and video.”

What happened to dual active SIM phones?

Dual Active SIM phones are almost completely extinct because carriers support new phone options to conduct multiple connections. The move has been made over to VoLTE by most carriers in most locations.

Which is the best dual SIM phone for music lovers?

Most affordable value compared to the most dual SIM phones The Xperia XZ3 is a dual SIM card phone that is best for music lovers and audio lovers. This Sony phone is packed with a lot of features and an assortment of things you can do and use.