What is MSG in Java?

What is MSG in Java?

What is MSG in Java?

JMS (Java Message Service) is an API that provides the facility to create, send and read messages. It provides loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous communication. JMS is also known as a messaging service.

What are the different types of messages available in the JMS API?

The five message types are:

  • Message.
  • TextMessage.
  • BytesMessage.
  • ObjectMessage.
  • StreamMessage.
  • MapMessage.

Which Message is root interface of all JMS messages?

The Message interface
Interface Message. The Message interface is the root interface of all JMS messages. It defines the message header and the acknowledge method used for all messages. Most message-oriented middleware (MOM) products treat messages as lightweight entities that consist of a header and a payload.

What is message selector JMS?

A JMS message selector allows a client to specify the messages that it is interested in by using the message header. Only messages with headers that match the selector are delivered. Message selectors cannot refer to message body values.

Which two are JMS message types?

There are five standard JMS message types, and the WebLogic JMS implementation defines an additional XML message type.

  • JMS Message Types.
  • Reusing Message Objects.
  • JMS Delivery Modes.
  • Synchronous vs.
  • Message Selectors.
  • Durable JMS Subscriptions.
  • Using Temporary Destinations.
  • Message Acknowledgment.

What is JMSCorrelationID in JMS?

The JMSCorrelationID provides a header for associating the current message with some previous message or application-specific ID. In most cases, the JMSCorrelationID will be used to tag a message as a reply to a previous message.

What is JMS Acknowledgement?

The acknowledge() method informs the JMS provider that the message has been successfully received by the consumer. This method throws an exception to the client if a provider failure occurs during the acknowledgment process. The provider failure results in the message being retained by the JMS server for redelivery.

What is a container class in Java?

Container is an abstract class that serves as a general purpose holder of other Component objects. The Container class holds the methods for grouping the components together, laying out the components inside it, and dealing with events occurring within it.