What is Moneypenny Wrexham?

What is Moneypenny Wrexham?

What is Moneypenny Wrexham?

The office in Wrexham is a representation of the Moneypenny culture, and how we keep our employees front of mind in everything that we do. As a Moneypenny PA you can enjoy free use of the state of the art, 24 hour gym, free fruit and subsidised lunches.

Where is Moneypenny UK based?

Wrexham, UK
Based in Wrexham, UK, Charleston, USA and Auckland, New Zealand, Moneypenny has over 400 staff, a figure that is growing at a rapid rate. The company was founded by a brother and sister team in 2000 and now handles over 9 million calls a year for over 7,000 businesses.

Who founded Moneypenny?

Rachel Clacher
Ed Reeves

What do they do at Moneypenny?

Moneypenny is the #1 outsourced provider of brilliant customer conversations to over 21,000 businesses of all sizes and, we get it. Letting us represent your brand is hard. That’s why we put trust at the heart of everything we do.

Is Moneypenny a good company to work for?

Overall the company has great benefits, amazing office. Over 500 staff of which most are quite young and like to gossip. Management is poor and if they dont like your views they will try to force you out, which is why their dismissal rates are so low.

How many employees does Moneypenny have?

Fast-forward two decades and what started as a single, dedicated PA (who’s still with us today) looking after calls for a handful of local clients, is now a 1000-strong team working across continents from our state-of-the-art UK headquarters in Wrexham, North Wales and US office in Atlanta, Georgia.

When was Moneypenny founded?

Rachel Clacher and Ed Reeves founded Moneypenny in 2000 to give a friendly face to businesses of all sizes, and now it’s the largest answering service in the UK.

Why is Moneypenny called that?

Moneypenny is a compound name composed of two elements, the Old English moning, meaning money, and the Old English pening, meaning penny. Moneypenny originated as a nickname to identify a rich man or may have been ironically used to describe a poor man.

Why do I want to work for Moneypenny?

Enjoyable workplace Everyone at Moneypenny is approachable and welcoming, training is given to every new starter. Weekends have to be worked but this is a 1 in 4 weekend basis and swaps are easy to arrange. They constantly offer overtime to pick up.

Is Moneypenny a good place to work?