What is meant by HiperLAN?

What is meant by HiperLAN?

What is meant by HiperLAN?

HiperLAN (High Performance Radio LAN) is a wireless LAN standard. It is a European alternative for the IEEE 802.11 standards (the IEEE is an international organization). It is defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

What is HiperLAN explain its features?

HiperLAN. HiperLAN stands for High performance LAN. While all of the previous technologies have been designed specifically for an adhoc environment, HiperLAN is derived from traditional LAN environments and can support multimedia data and asynchronous data effectively at high rates (23.5 Mbps).

Where is HiperLAN used?

HIPERLAN/2: This technology can be used for wireless access to ATM or IP networks and supports up to 25 Mbit/s user data rate in a point-to-multi- point configuration. or xDSL technologies (ETSI, 1998c).

What is HiperLAN standard?

HIPERLAN is the new European standard for radio LANs currently being formulated by ETSI RES10 for operation at 5 GHz and 17 GHz. It will be suitable for radio replacement of wired LANs and for ad hoc networking providing a user data rate of 10–20 Mbit/s.

What is Home RF in mobile computing?

HomeRF (for home radio frequency) is a home networking standard developed by Proxim Inc. that combines the 802.11b and Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) portable phone standards into a single system.

What is the advantage of Hiperlan 2?

One of advantages of HiperLAN2 is that it could be connected to any backbone network, ATM, IP, Ethernet etc. HiperLAN/2 system is likely to be deployed in a wide range of environments, such as buildings, exhibition halls, airport, industrial buildings and outdoor deployment.

What are the three phases in channel access in Hiperlan 1?

It is the CAC layer which implements the hierarchically independent, Non-pre-emptive Priority Multiple Access (NPMA) mechanism on which most of the HiperLAN 1 advanced features are built. A transmission passes through three phases: the priorization phase, the contention phase and the transmission phase.

What is Hiperlan in mobile computing?

A high-performance local area network (HIPERLAN) is an alternative wireless LAN standard to the IEEE 802.11. It is one of four standards (HIPERLAN 1 through 4) specified by the European telecommunications standards institute (ETSI) to link interoperable technologies from different locations instead of cable.

Is Home RF a LAN?

This is what makes HomeRF the ideal wireless LAN technology for the home environment.

What is the use of home RF?

It is used for Home networking. It enables different consumer electronic devices to communicate and provides user with complete control of home networking. Users can dial from remote location and control any home networking devices. It covers distance of upto 50 meters.

What are the goals of Hiperlan?

HIPERLAN emerged in 1991 with the goal of achieving higher data rates than the 802.11 standard. It was approved in 1996. A second version was introduceced in 2000. This version is designed as a fast wireless connection and can be used with various networks, such as UMTS backbone, ATM, and IP networks.

What is wireless ATM?

Wireless ATM, or mobile ATM, consists of an ATM core network with a wireless access network. ATM cells are transmitted from base stations to mobile terminals.