What is mantra device?

What is mantra device?

What is mantra device?

Device comes with Rd of 1 year and 1 year warranty Mantra MFS100 biometric fingerprint scanner is high quality USB fingerprint biometric device for fingerprint authentication. MFS100 is based on optical sensing technology which efficiently recognizes poor quality fingerprints easily.

How much is a mantra device?

Questions & Answers on Mantra Fingerprint Scanner

Brand Min Price Max Price
Mantra Rs 1120/Piece Rs 2400/Piece

Can I use Mantra fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint scanner is based on optical sensing technology which efficiently recognizes poor quality fingerprints. Mantra MFS100 fingerprint scanner is a high-quality USB fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authentication identification and verification function.

Is mantra an Indian company?

Founded in 2006, Mantra is an undisputed leader in Biometrics & RFID industry in India. Fingerprint Scanners and IRIS Sensors are the primary products of Mantra. Mantra’s focus is to provide innovative products and solutions with a set of innovation.

How do you install a mantra device?

To Download Setup, enter below captcha code into box :

  1. WINDOWS Download MFS100 RD Service. [Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance (also download and install driver setup)]
  2. WINDOWS Download MIS100V2 RD Service.
  3. WINDOWS Download MFS100 Client Service.
  4. WINDOWS Download MIDFinger Drivers.

Is mantra a biometric?

How Mantra Can Help? Mantra is one of the leading Biometrics, Access Control & RFID provider in India. Mantra leverages the next-generation technologies like Biometrics, RFID, and Artificial Intelligence to develop advanced Access Control Solutions, support National ID, eKYC, and Individual Verification Projects.

Is RD service free for Mantra?

– Device comes with 1 Year free RD Service.

Where is the serial no of mantra device?

From CLI of the Mantra Console

  1. Login to the Mantra Console. Connect to the target Mantra appliance.
  2. Select System Config from the main navigation bar.
  3. Select the CLI tab.
  4. Click inside the window and at the prompt enter show tzcustomer. The output displays all contact information configured, including the Appliance ID.

What is mantra called in English?

/mantra/ mn. chant countable noun. A chant is a religious song or prayer that is sung on only a few notes.