What is Jean Marc Gaspard Itard known for?

What is Jean Marc Gaspard Itard known for?

What is Jean Marc Gaspard Itard known for?

Here is the history of French physician and otologist, Jean Marc Gaspard Itard (1774-1838). As physician for the Institute for Deaf Mutes in Paris, Dr. Itard became responsible for the care and civilization of the “wild boy of Aveyron,” also known as, “The Wild Child” of the Truffaut movie.

What did Itard ultimately do with Victor?

Knowing that Victor was in danger of being hidden away from society for good, Itard brought Victor to live with him, and devoted himself to Victor’s education.

What 2 Things did Jean Itard the doctor from Paris believe that made a person human?

Jean Marc Gaspard Itard Itard believed two things separated humans from animals: empathy and language. He wanted to civilize Victor with the objectives of teaching him to speak and to communicate human emotion.

Who was Jean Itard and what did he accomplish?

Today Itard is recognised as one of the founding fathers of special education. He became the first person to develop a student centered approach within his curriculum that emphasized the individual child. His work with Victor known as “The Wild Boy of Aveyron” earned Itard an international reputation.

Who is known as the father of special education?

Samuel A. Kirk, 92, Father of ‘Special Education,’” New York Times, July 29, 1996.

What disability did Itard?

Itard is noted for his work with deaf-mutes, and was one of the first to attempt the education of mentally retarded children in a systematic fashion. He is especially famous for his work with Victor, the “Wild boy of Aveyron,” a feral child.

What did Itard teach Victor?

Itard decided to try teaching him to read. He started by teaching Victor to distinguish shapes, then letters. He paired household objects and pictures with their printed names, and Victor eventually learned to read and write enough to communicate some of his wants and needs.

How did Jean Marc Itard view Victor?

Itard saw Victor as someone who had never been tainted by civilization, and who could, with the proper teaching, become the perfect human being.

What is Itard known for?

Itard was one of the first to attempt the instruction of intellectually disabled children on a scientific basis.

Who originated special education?

In Germany Samuel Heinicke experimented with training deaf children to speak, and in the 19th century Friedrich Moritz Hill (1805–74), a leading educator of the deaf, developed this method in relation to the concept that education must relate to the “here and now” of the child—known as the “natural method.” Thus arose …

What methods did Itard teach Victor?

Itard devised an intensive educational program, including sensory stimulation and repetitive physical exercises, to teach Victor social awareness, speech comprehension, and literacy.