What is id407?

What is id407?

What is id407?

ID 407. Employment Contract for a Domestic Helper Recruited from Outside Hong Kong – English version (specimen form for reference only and should not be downloaded for submission of application)

What is the requirements for change employer in Hong Kong?

Change of Employer

Documents Maximum no. of files for upload
Undertaking of Employer (New requirement for FDH visa application during the epidemic situation) 2
Passport copy of applicant (biodata page with photo and signature page) 3
Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card of applicant 2
Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card of employer 2

What documents are needed for visa extension?

completed application form ID 91;

  • original and photocopy of applicant’s valid travel document and, where applicable, his/her previous travel document showing the latest visa/entry permit label and landing slip/extension of stay label in the HKSAR and the latest issued “e-Visa” (if applicable);
  • How can I apply for Hong Kong visa online?

    A2: You can complete the entire online application submission process, including filling in an electronic form, uploading photos and relevant supporting documents and submitting supplementary documents, through the GovHK website, the ImmD’s website or the ImmD Mobile Application.

    What is the requirements for extension of visa in Hong Kong?

    The following documents are required:

    • Completed and signed Extension of Stay Application Form for Domestic Helper from Abroad (ID 988A);
    • Worker’s original old and new passports;
    • Original employment contract;
    • Employer’s supporting letter to confirm continuing employment;

    How do I write a letter of renewal of contract?

    Dear manager, I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the possibility of renewing my contract. My contract lasts for two years (More/less) and that is coming to an end. I would like to renew it as I love working with this company and I like the people here and very much enjoy the work that I do.

    How much is the salary of DH in Hong Kong?

    HK$4,630 per month
    For contracts signed on or after 1 October 2021, the minimum domestic helper salary is HK$4,630 per month. On top of this, domestic helpers are entitled to a food allowance of HK$1,173 per month or the employer must provide food. This is the minimum domestic helper salary, employers must pay at least this amount.

    Can domestic helper change job?

    According to the Ministry of Manpower, a maid is not allowed to work for another person or at another address. This means you are not allowed to let your maid work part-time for anyone else, even if she has some spare time and wants to supplement her income.

    How much is visa extension?

    Include payment – The visa extension filing fee is $370 (for you and your family included in the application) but there may be an extra $85 biometric fee involved depending on your current type of visa. Copy of Form I-94 – Your arrival and departures form attained at the entry to the U.S.

    How many days before I can apply for visa extension?

    It is advisable that you submit your spouse visa extension application within 28 days of the expiry of your leave.