What is Gynecare TVT?

What is Gynecare TVT?

What is Gynecare TVT?

The Gynecare TVT Exact Continence System is a retropubic, mid-urethral synthetic sling used for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence. The integrated delivery system has a rigid 3.0 mm diameter trocar shaft designed to maintain control during passage while reducing penetration force.

Who makes Gynecare TVT?

Ethicon Women’s Health & Urology provides a complete line of GYNECARE┬« products for gynecologic surgery and incontinence support. The GYNECARE TVT Family of Products Tension-free Support for Incontinence brings over 12 years of technological innovation to treat stress urinary incontinence.

How long does a TVT tape last?

Your abdominal cuts and vaginal wound should heal within 7-10 days however the muscle layer beneath your skin will take up to 3 months to heal. The dressing tape can be removed after 7-10 days.

What is the difference between TVT and TVTO?

The key difference between a TVT and a TOT procedure is the way the surgeon reaches the urethra to position the tape. Also, the tape material may differ depending on the procedure. Your doctor will explain the approach recommended for your procedure. TVT and TOT procedures last about 30 minutes.

What is transobturator tape procedure?

Tension-free vaginal sling procedures: transobturator tape procedure (TOT) is a treatment for urodynamically proven stress incontinence in women. TOT is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the placement of a small piece of polypropylene mesh around the pubic bones underneath the urethra.

What is a TVT operation?

The tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure is designed to provide support for a sagging urethra so that when you cough or move vigorously or suddenly, the urethra can remain closed with no accidental release of urine.

How is a bladder sling attached?

A conventional sling uses tissue from your own body to support the bladder neck. The surgeon collects the tissue to make the sling from either your abdomen or thigh. The surgeon then makes an incision in the vagina to place the sling below the urethra at the bladder neck.

Can TVT tape be removed?

Obturator tapes that are causing pain are difficult to fully remove but as seen in this photo can be fully removed. This surgery is performed through a combination of a vaginal incision where the tape is mobilised between the pubic bones and 6-7cm incisions in the groin to remove the full mesh.

Which artery is injured during TVT?

We report here a case of a serious bleeding complication following the TVT-SECUR procedure caused by an injury to the internal pudendal artery.