What is GovWin used for?

What is GovWin used for?

What is GovWin used for?

GovWin IQ is the premier solution that enables businesses to manage opportunities, pursue bids faster, and plan strategically to get ahead of the competition.

What is Gov Win IQ?

GovWin IQ is a cloud-based government contracting research platform. It serves federal government and state, local and educational (SLED) contractors. It obtains market insights and creates analyzed reports based on in-depth market research to enhance sales.

Where does GovTribe get its data?

GovTribe has the information you need about federal contracting and grant-making in one, easily searchable website. We pull in data from multiple federal government data sources, organize and integrate the data, and make it easy to find actionable intelligence about federal contracts and grants.

What is FedConnect net?

FedConnect is a web portal that connects agencies and vendors to streamline the process of doing business with the federal government.

Is FedConnect legitimate?

Among the many confusing emails a federal contractor may receive, there may be some from “FedConnect.net”. It may look a bit suspicious because it is a “. net”, but it is legitimate.

How do I find my UEI number?

Your UEI is viewable on your entity’s registration record in SAM.gov.

Who runs GSA?

Robin Carnahan
Robin Carnahan She’s a nationally recognized government technology leader and in 2017 was named one of the federal government’s “Top Women in Tech.” Most recently, Carnahan was a Fellow at Georgetown University’s Beeck Center where she co-founded the State Software Collaborative.

Who uses FedConnect?

Every day, FedConnect helps over 100,000 vendors and grant applicants, find, respond to and win opportunities for contracts, grants, and other types of assistance funding. To learn more about how FedConnect works, click here to review the tutorial.