What is Global Sustainable Transport Award?

What is Global Sustainable Transport Award?

What is Global Sustainable Transport Award?

The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) is presented annually to a city that has shown leadership and vision in the field of sustainable transportation and urban livability in the preceding year.

Why sustainable transport is important?

Sustainable transport contributes to a reduction in damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and therefore, to a reduction in atmospheric pollution and improved air quality in cities. Sustainable mobility contributes to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

How can sustainable transport be promoted?

These are some of the top strategies they discussed:

  1. Make public transport more cost-effective.
  2. Make active transport more seamless at your facilities.
  3. Provide discounted bike-share or car-share memberships.
  4. Advocate for sustainable transport infrastructure in your neighborhood.
  5. Foster carpooling.
  6. Disincentivize driving.

What is the most sustainable transport?

Walking, the first mode of transport, is also the most sustainable.

What cities have sustainable transportation?

The top 10 cities are either European or Asian: Hong Kong, Zurich, Paris, Seoul, Prague, Vienna, London, Singapore, Stockholm and Frankfurt. No city in North America makes it into the top 20 cities ranked in the global index.

Which country has the most sustainable transport?

Booming cities need contemporary mobility systems capable of transporting increasing numbers of people while doing the least possible harm to the natural environment. Scoring 42.30 out of the possible 60, Helsinki in Finland topped the list as the European city with the most sustainable mobility.

Which countries have sustainable transport?

Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom were identified as nations that have been actively addressing sustainable transportation issues for several years.