What is fast diagram in value management?

What is fast diagram in value management?

What is fast diagram in value management?

The FAST diagram, whose initials stand for Function Analysis System Technique, is a diagram: constructed from left to right, which represents the logical relationships between different functions, to answer the questions how and why.

What is fast in value engineering?

FAST stands for “FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS SYSTEMS TECHNIQUE” The FAST technique has long been used in Value Engineering to analyze costs. Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) is a tool that has mainstay of the value management profession since its introduction In 1965.

What is the function of fast?

The Function Analysis and System Technique (FAST) is used to define, analyze and understand product functions, how the functions relate to one another and which functions require attention to increase product value. It is used to display functions in a logical sequence, priorities them, and test their dependency.

What is value and functional analysis?

Functional analysis, value analysis and value engineering are used to change production methods and/or reduce expected costs so the target is met”.

What are value management techniques?

There are currently five Value Management core methods and tools being: Value Analysis / Value Engineering; Function Analysis; Function Cost; Functional Performance Specification; and.

How many types of engineering are there fast?

There are normally two types of FAST diagrams, the technical FAST diagram and the customer FAST diagram.

What is a functional analysis diagram?

The functional analysis diagram (FAD) method, originally developed to assist design methodologies such as VE, TRIZ,11,15 and FMEA, is a visual representation of decomposed systems, providing a format and a specified set of simple rules to perform functional analysis of all functions of a system (Figures 2 and 3).

Why use a fast diagram?

The organization of the functions into a function-logic, FAST diagram enables participants to identify of all the required functions. The FAST diagram can be used to verify if, and illustrate how, a proposed solution achieves the needs of the project, and to identify unnecessary, duplicated or missing functions.

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What is a value analysis example?

Value Analysis: Examples A product manager at a company that produced nails had received several requests from customers for a nail that could not work loose. Identifying this ‘improved nail’ as a possible new product line, he decided to do a Value Analysis to help identify costs and values.

How fast diagram is helpful in value engineering?