What is ExactTarget?

What is ExactTarget?

What is ExactTarget?

ExactTarget is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social media, web and marketing automation.

Who bought ExactTarget?

Salesforce.com added more marketing power to its arsenal today with the purchase of ExactTarget for $2.5 billion.

Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud ExactTarget?

ExactTarget was recently by Salesforce in 2013. It now operates under the name Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This new integration gave birth to a digital marketing platform that gives customers not only marketing automation but also a complete customer relations management solution.

What is Sfmc email?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is one of the most popular cloud-based digital marketing platforms, providing marketers a fully integrated solution for developing robust campaigns and customer journeys – incorporating the use of email, mobile, social media, and personalization through data and analytics.

What is interaction studio Salesforce?

Interaction Studio is Salesforce’s real-time personalization and interaction management solution that’s part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

When did Salesforce buy pardot?

On July 12, 2013, Salesforce.com, Inc. acquired software company Pardot, Inc. from ExactTarget, Inc.

What did demandware do?

Demandware is a software technology company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts that provides a cloud-based unified e-commerce platform with mobile, AI personalization, order management capabilities, and related services for B2C and B2B retailers and brand manufacturers around the world.

Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud different than Salesforce?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is Salesforce’s platform (or “Cloud”) in the area of marketing automation and customer engagement. It is a SaaS platform made up of four “base versions,” each with different levels of functionality and multiple additional at-cost components that further increase functionality.

Who bought Salesforce for Marketing Cloud?

After building a diversified suite of social media marketing tools, Salesforce.com recently expanded their Marketing Cloud with the $2.5 B acquisition of ExactTarget, and with it, marketing automation provider Pardot.

How much does interaction Studio cost?

Salesforce Personalization (Formerly Evergage) Pricing

Name Price Features
Salesforce Interaction Studio Contact us for pricing. $ https://www.salesforce.com/form/contact/marketingcloud_contactme/