What is EU CosIng?

What is EU CosIng?

What is EU CosIng?

CosIng is EU’s official database for cosmetic ingredients. It has not only included cosmetic ingredients listed in previous inventory of cosmetic ingredients, but also included the latest list of banned/restricted cosmetic ingredients in EU. You can quickly find one ingredient’s INCI name or CAS no.

What is Codeweek?

EU Code Week is a grass-root movement run by volunteers who promote coding in their countries as Code Week ambassadors. The European Commission supports EU Code Week and other independent initiatives which aim to boost digital skills, including programming, for different target groups.

Can Americans traveling to Europe?

Americans can still travel to European countries, although each country makes their own decisions about who can enter and what precautions are required to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Before deciding to travel to Europe, check the testing and vaccination requirements for your destination.

How do I find the INCI name?

The complete INCI names can be found in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary & Handbook. It can be purchased via the link below. If you have a cosmetic ingredient and you only know its chemical name or CAS no., you may try EU CosIng for its INCI name.

What is the EU Code week community made up of?

It is supported by the European Commission and education ministries in the European Union and Western Balkan countries. At the heart of EU Code Week is the community of volunteer activity organisers who are teachers, mentors, coding clubs, libraries, private companies, parents and non-governmental organisations.

What is EU Code week made up of?

EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities.

What should you not do when traveling to Europe?

12 Things Not To Do In Europe

  1. Do Not Litter.
  2. Do Not Beckon The Waiter By Waving.
  3. Do Not Use The Bicycle Lanes For Walking.
  4. Do Not Skip The First Verse Of German National Anthem.
  5. Do not Assume That Everyone Knows English.
  6. Avoid Making Much Noise.
  7. Do Not Leave A Bigger Tip Than Required.
  8. Avoid Jaywalking.

Where should U.S. citizens not travel?

Here are most dangerous countries in the world, ranked from least to most risky based on the State Department’s designation levels.

  • Burundi – Level 3: Reconsider Travel.
  • Honduras – Level 3: Reconsider Travel.
  • Mauritania – Level 3: Reconsider Travel.
  • El Salvador – Level 3: Reconsider Travel.
  • Chad – Level 3: Reconsider Travel.

What countries do not accept US passport?

US Passport Visa-Free Countries 2022

Country Visa Requirements Travel Advisory Level
Antigua And Barbuda Not Required Level 4: Do Not Travel
Argentina Not Required Level 3: Reconsider Travel
Armenia Not Required Level 4: Do Not Travel
Aruba Not Required Level 4: Do Not Travel