What is difference between web_reg_save_param and web_reg_save_param_ex?

What is difference between web_reg_save_param and web_reg_save_param_ex?

What is difference between web_reg_save_param and web_reg_save_param_ex?

‘web_reg_save_param_ex’ has wildcard option with ‘Content Type’ and ‘Request URL’ in the ‘Filters’ section whereas ‘web_reg_save_param’ has wildcard character or digit option in LB and RB attributes.

What is Lr_eval_string in LoadRunner?

lr_eval_string() is an important function in LoadRunner which helps to convert LoadRunner variable into language-specific variable. Whenever you want to use the value of LoadRunner variable in a language-specific function then you need to first evaluate the parameter.

What is Save length in LoadRunner?

Save Length (SaveLen): This is an optional attribute. It helps to define the length of the string from the specified offset to save to the parameter. It’s default value is –1 which instructs to save to the end of the string from the offset.

What is dynamic correlation in LoadRunner?

Correlation is nothing but capturing the dynamic data (response) from the server and send the captured response to the subsequent requests. To capture the dynamic data from the server, in LoadRunner we use web_reg_save_param function.

What is rendezvous point in LoadRunner?

A ‘Rendezvous point’ is a single and simple function in a VuGen script that instructs load runner (during a test with multiple users) to wait at a specified step in the script till all the Vusers (executing the script) come to that step so that subsequent request can be executed simultaneously.

What is Lr_eval_string?

The lr_eval_string function returns the input string after evaluating any embedded parameters. If the string argument contains only a parameter, the function returns the current value of the parameter.

What is Atoi in LoadRunner?

‘atoi’ function converts a string to an integer value.

What is lr_save_string in LoadRunner?

you use lr_save_string to convert c string to loadrunner string. If you declare order no in C and use it in your web function, it will not work, in order to work, you need to convert C string to LR string.

What is manual correlation in LoadRunner?

In Manual Correlation, we have to identify the dynamic value and capture it from the response of previous request. Replace dynamic value with parameter name manually everywhere in the script. Automated Correlation works with existing rules. WDiff is used to identify the dynamic value.

What is the difference between Web_reg_find and Web_find?

Q #23) What is the difference between web_reg_find and web_find? Answer: web_reg_find function is processed before the request sent and is placed before the request in the VuGen script whereas a web_find function is processed after the response of the request comes and is placed after the request in VuGen script.

What is Web_url in LoadRunner?

1) web_url(): This function loads the Web page specified by the URL argument. 2) web_submit_form(): This function submits a form. And this function is recorded only in the HTML mode and submits a context-sensitive request (we already talked about context sensitive and contextless requests).