What is DCE clock rate?

What is DCE clock rate?

What is DCE clock rate?

The speed at which a serial WAN link runs is determined by the ‘clock rate’, this rate governs the number of bits that can be transferred per second, for example, a clock rate of 64000 would give an overall serial link bandwidth of 64k.

What is clock rate in serial cable?

By default, the serial interface has a clock rate of 16.384 MHz. For EIA-530 and V.

Why do we use clock rate at DCE connection?

Certify and Increase Opportunity. Clock rate is to be used in DCE in serial link to configure the clock speed for the link. However, bandwith is the value that will be used in computation of metrics depending on bandwitch, for example in EIGRP.

What is CCNA clock rate?

While you can configure the clock rate on both ends of the serial link, the router will only accept the command on the DCE end. Note: Clock rate sets how many bits can be sent over a given time. If the clock rate is set to 64000, you will never be able to send faster then 64 kbs over the interface.

What is DCE and DTE?

Data Terminating Equipment (DTE) and Data Communication Equipment (DCE) are used to describe two different hardware groups. The term DTE is used primarily for those devices that display user information. It also includes any devices that store or generate data for the user.

What is DTE and DCE in serial interface?

DTE stands for Data Terminal Equipment, and DCE stands for Data Communications Equipment. DTE is typically either a dumb terminal or the serial port on a computer/workstation. DCE is typically a modem, DSU/CSU, or other piece of data communications equipment, hence the names.

Is a router a DCE or DTE device?

The router is the DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and the external device is the DCE (Data Communications Equipment), where the DCE provides the clocking.

Is clock rate the same as bandwidth?

As we have seen, bandwidth relates to the rise time of a signal. It is possible to have two different waveforms, with exactly the same clock frequency but different rise times and different bandwidths. Just knowing the clock frequency cannot tell us what the bandwidth is.

What is DCE Cisco?

DCE = Data Circuit-terminating Equipment. 1. In a data station, the equipment that performs functions, such as signal conversion and coding, at the network end of the line between the data terminal equipment (DTE) and the line, and that may be a separate or an integral part of the DTE or of intermediate equipment.

What is a serial DCE?

A DCE provides a physical connection to a network and forwards traffic. A DTE connects to a network through a DCE device. Typically, a DTE device is connected to a DCE device (or vice versa) rather than another DTE device. Check the documentation that ships with your serial device to determine if it is a DTE or.

What is the difference between serial DCE and serial DTE?

The term DTE Data Terminal EQUIPMENT is used to describe the initiator or controller of the serial connection, typically the computer. A PLC is defined as a DTE device. The term DCE Data Communications EQUIPMENT describes the device that is connected to the DTE device such as a modem.