What is control source Access?

What is control source Access?

What is control source Access?

You can use the ControlSource property to specify what data appears in a control. You can display and edit data bound to a field in a table, query, or SQL statement. You can also display the result of an expression. Read/write String. expressio n.ControlSource.

What are the three types of controls in Access Reports?

Controls can be bound, unbound, or calculated:

  • Bound control A control whose source of data is a field in a table or query is called a bound control.
  • Unbound control A control that doesn’t have a source of data (such as a field or expression) is called an unbound control.

What is the difference between control source and row source in access?

Row Source is typically used to determine how to build a list of items whereas Control Source determines what field will be used to store or retrieve the value. For example, in a Combo Box you have both properties. The Row Source determines how to build the list the user sees when they hit the down arrow.

What is control source on a combo box in access?

The Control Source is the field in a table your combo box is linked to, it could also be a query or an SQL statement. Either way it will display the data in that field and any updates you make to the combo box will be reflected in that field (unless it’s a non-update-able query).

How do I change the data source in Access?

Edit a data source

  1. Select External Data > Linked Table Manager.
  2. In the Linked Table Manager dialog box, select the data source, hover over the data source, and then select Edit.
  3. Change the information in the Edit Link dialog box.
  4. Select Finish.

What is Row Source Type in access?

Row Source Type property This means that the values for your combo box are populated by a table or query. The second option is Value List. Your values are not stored in tables, so you “hard code” the values, so to speak.