What is container ISO number?

What is container ISO number?

What is container ISO number?

(1) The container number is the most important and complex marking on the door and is a unique alpha-numeric sequence of four letters and seven numbers to identify containers internationally. It is assigned by the classification agency ISO under their code ISO6346:1995(E).

What do the numbers mean on a shipping container?

The first character signifies the length of the unit and the second character represents the width and height. The third character identifies the container type and the last character indicates a container of reduced strength.

How are container numbers written?

1) Container Number – is of course the main marking on the door.. It is an alpha numeric sequence made up of 4 Alphabets and 7 Numbers. The container number identification system has been created by the International Standards Organisation under their code IS06346:1995(E).

Why cargo containers are coded?

These markings provide essential information for all stakeholders in the supply chain, helping to track and guarantee safety of the container and, therefore, of its load, from the moment of its shipment until delivery to its destination.

How do I identify a container?

Container Identification System

  1. Owner code. Consisting of three capital letters that identify the owner of the container.
  2. Product group code.
  3. Registration Number (or Serial Number).
  4. Check digit.
  5. Size and type code.

How do container numbers work?

All containers have a prefix followed by a serial number which taken together are generally referred to as the container number. This number enables operators and shippers to identify and track equipment which is used in the movement of cargo.

What is product code in container?

Product group code: This is the fourth letter, which is the letter U in the case of ISO shipping containers. There are other alternatives, such as the J for container-related equipment and the Z for trailers. Serial number: 6 numerical digits freely chosen by the owner.

Why all the containers end in U?

– U is for all freight containers (DV, Reefer,…). – Z is for trailers and chassis. Marking of with “U” represents the container which it belongs. Its applicable for all “Freight Containers”.