What is concrete class A?

What is concrete class A?

What is concrete class A?

2. What Is a Concrete Class? A concrete class is a class that we can create an instance of, using the new keyword. In other words, it’s a full implementation of its blueprint.

What is HttpServletRequest class your answer?

The HttpServlet class extends the GenericServlet class and implements Serializable interface. It provides http specific methods such as doGet, doPost, doHead, doTrace etc.

What is the difference between abstract class and concrete class?

A concrete class can only have concrete methods. Even a single abstract method makes the class abstract. Abstract class can not be instantiated using new keyword. Concrete class can be instantiated using new keyword.

What is a class B concrete finish?

Class B Finish means any material classified at more than twenty-five (25) but not more than seventy-five (75) on the flame spread test scale and 450 or less on the smoke test scale described in 6-5.3. 1 of the NFPA-101.

What is class A and class B concrete?

Class A concrete shall be used for concrete structures, either reinforced or non-reinforced, and for concrete pavements. Class B concrete may be used for curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Class C concrete may be used for thrust blocks, encasements, fill or Page 2 SECTION 725 725-2 over-excavation, etc.

What is the use of HttpServletRequest?

Interface HttpServletRequest. Extends the ServletRequest interface to provide request information for HTTP servlets. The servlet container creates an HttpServletRequest object and passes it as an argument to the servlet’s service methods ( doGet , doPost , etc). String identifier for Basic authentication.

What is HttpServletRequest?

The HttpServletRequest provides methods for accessing parameters of a request. The type of the request determines where the parameters come from. In most implementations, a GET request takes the parameters from the query string, while a POST request takes the parameters from the posted arguments.

What is a concrete base class?

concrete class. A base class is one that does not inherit from any other class. A derived class does inherit from another class. An abstract class is one that has one or more pure virtual functions. A concrete class has no pure virtuals.

What is a concrete subclass in Java?

Concrete Class: A concrete class in Java is a type of subclass, which implements all the abstract method of its super abstract class which it extends to. It also has implementations of all methods of interfaces it implements.

What is class B concrete used for?

Class B – Footings, pedestals, massive pier shafts, pipe bedding, and gravity walls, unreinforced or with only a small amount of reinforcement. Class C – Thin reinforced sections, railings, precast R.C. piles and cribbing and for filler in steel grid floors. Class P – Prestressed concrete structures and members.