What is CCLS septic?

What is CCLS septic?

What is CCLS septic?

CCLS septic treatment is the once a month septic system additive that helps keep your septic system free flowing and healthy. CCLS contains good bacteria that produce enzymes that help in breaking down organic, solid material in your septic tank. The bacteria digest the material and use it to create more enzymes.

How do you use CCLS?

Flush with warm water. SAFE FOR GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Pour 2 oz. CCLS® in disposal weekly to avoid build-up and control odor. FOR ODOR CONTROL: Dab or spray CCLS® on affected area as needed.

Is Zep septic safe?

Zep Septic Defense Septic System Treatment Packs ZSTP6 (Pack of 2) Safe for Pipes and Septic.

Do septic tank additives really work?

There is little scientific data to suggest that you should add bacteria or enzymes to your septic system. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that biological additives do not appear to improve the performance of healthy septic tanks.

How do I add bacteria to my septic tank?

Flush a packet of brewer’s dry yeast down one toilet on the bottom floor of your house once a month. The yeast will help add “good” bacteria to your septic tank and break down waste.

Is Zep toilet bowl cleaner safe for septic?

Zep Commercial Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner quickly removes rust stains, organic and hard water stains and residue. Its clinging gel formula works longer and harder on vertical surfaces, leaving a clean shine and fresh fragrance. It is safe for septic tanks, drain lines and water-treatment systems.

Is Zep safe to use?

One safety note: Even though Zep is safe to use at home, it’s still a powerful cleaning product, so make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area and avoid getting it on your skin. And FYI, if you’re cleaning the rest of your bathroom, too, you should never mix these cleaning products together.

What is the best bacteria to put in septic tank?

Much like your stomach, septic tanks need good bacteria and enzymes to break down the solids that pass through it. These beneficial bacteria and enzymes can come from several sources, but our favorite is actually rotten tomatoes. These naturally occurring enzymes are proteins called Pectinase or Pectinolytic enzymes.

What kind of acid is in Zep toilet bowl cleaner?

hydrochloric acid
A: Zep Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner contains 10% of hydrochloric acid.

Can you pour acid down the toilet?

Things You’ll Need Cleaning out a toilet drain with a chemical substance, such as sulfuric acid, can often unclog the blockage and restore function to your toilet. However, you’ll need to proceed with caution, as sulfuric acid is an extremely toxic substance.

Is Zep cleaner toxic?

Hazard pictograms : Signal word : Danger Hazard statements : H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Precautionary statements : Prevention: P264 Wash skin thoroughly after handling. P280 Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection.