What is Ari in Maximum Ride?

What is Ari in Maximum Ride?

What is Ari in Maximum Ride?

Ari was the only son of Jeb Batchelder—one of the top scientists at the School—and the half-brother of Maximum Ride. He was also the leader of the Erasers.

How old is Ari from Maximum Ride?

Ari is Jeb’s seven-year-old son. At age three, scientists turned him into an Eraser, which is a fearsome and power-hungry enemy of the flock. Ari had blond hair until he faced Nudge and Fang in The Angel Experiment (Nudge spray-painted Ari’s hair green by throwing paint cans at him).

Why is Ari jealous of Max?

Ari’s hatred of the flock members is also more complicated. He doesn’t want to kill them just because it’s a fun sport—which is why the other Erasers are hunting them down—no, Ari actually holds a pretty serious grudge against Max because she always got more attention from Jeb.

Is there any romance in Maximum Ride?

Fang helps Max lead the Flock, and is in many ways the one she is closest to. Their relationship slowly develops into a crush and then into romance. They have their first kiss in The Angel Experiment, after Fang is injured.

Who died in Maximum Ride?

Ari was Max’s seven-year-old half-brother, who was turned into an Eraser by the School. He was killed by Max in The Angel Experiment, but was brought back to life. He joined Max’s mini-flock in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, though it was only temporary, as he died at the end of the novel.

How did Iggy go blind?

Iggy lost his sight when scientists experimented on him in an attempt to make his night vision better. Because he is blind, all of his other senses are extremely acute.

Does Maximum Ride get pregnant?

Maximum Ride Forever A few months later, during the final confrontation with the Remedy, Max reveals her pregnancy. Max gives birth to a daughter she names Phoenix in the underground bunker of Himmel during a nuclear winter.