What is API flange?

What is API flange?

What is API flange?

API flanges are manufactured to resist corrosion, pitting, and cracking due to the stress of caustic solutions they are exposed to. This makes API flanges the only choice for refineries that handle substances such as oil and explosive gases, which require high pressure and temperature tolerances.

What is API and ASME?

API is American Petroleum Institute which mainly provides guidelines for offshore structure used by oil and gas firms . ASME is American society for Mechanical Engineers which is provides more generic guidelines in the field of Mechanical engineering design.

What is 6BX flange?

6BX flanges are of the ring joint type and designed with a raised face. Depending on the tolerances, the connection make-up bolting force may react on the raised face of the flange when the gasket has been properly seated. This support prevents damage to the flange or gasket from excessive bolt torque.

What are the dimensions of the API 5000 flange?

API 5000 Flange Dimensions SizeS B O.D. C K 2 1/16″ 53.2 215 3 124 2 9/16″ 65.9 245 3 137 3 1/8″ 81.8 265 3 168 4 1/16″ 108.7 310 3 194

What is an API slip on flange?

The API Slip On Flange manufactured in our factory meets the requirements of various industries such as heavy engineering, automobile, railways as well as pipeline engineering. These flanges are available in Standard Specifications, and 10000# API Flange Dimension.

What grade of stainless steel is best for API flanges?

Generally, most of our existing clients in our customer base prefer getting the Stainless Steel API Flanges produced either in austenitic stainless steel grade 304, as it is cost efficient or grade 316, that is if they require additional corrosion resistance properties at higher temperature with good mechanical strength.

Is API 6A type 6B 5000 psi weld neck&Blind flanges available in Indonesia?

There is good news for our Indonesian customers as we have come up with our own stockyard of API 6A Type 6B 5000 PSI Weld Neck & Blind Flanges in Jakarta (Indonesia). No other can offer this price of API 6A Type 6B 5000 PSI Weld Neck & Blind Flanges in Indonesia.