What is an SF 600 form?

What is an SF 600 form?

What is an SF 600 form?

The Chronological Record of Medical Care, SF 600, is a continuous record of a patient’s medical history. The SF 600 form is used in all outpatient care and filed in the HREC or OREC. This type of record has almost everything in it.

Where can I find my SF 600?

U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, and Offices can place an order for this form at www.gsaglobalsupply.gsa.gov or www.gsaadvantage.gov with either a government purchase card or AAC (Activity Address Code).

What is chronological record of medical care?

The chronological record lets the primary care physician quickly see what has happened since the last visit. Specialty provider visit notes, laboratory results, and notes put in by the provider after the visit are listed.

What does Ahlta stand for Military?

Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA)

What is chronological record?

Definitions of chronological record. a chronological account of events in successive years. synonyms: annals. type of: account, chronicle, history, story. a record or narrative description of past events.

How do you write a medical record summary?

10 Tips for Summarizing Medical Records

  1. Know Your Purpose.
  2. Bates Number or Bookmark.
  3. Use a Grid and a Narrative.
  4. Check the Findings.
  5. Connect the Dots.
  6. Don’t Note Normal.
  7. Become Familiar with Local Doctors.
  8. Learn About Medications.

What does Chcs stand for?

The Composite Health Care System (CHCS) is a medical informatics system designed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and used by all United States and OCONUS military health care centers.

What is Chcs military?

The Composite Health Care System II (CHCS II) is the Military’s electronic Computer-based Patient Record, a clinical information system that will generate, maintain, and provide secure online access to a comprehensive and legible health record.

What is the correct order of recording the transactions?

Transactions are recorded in the journal in chronological order, i.e. as they occur; one after the other.

What is analytical record?

An analytic record for an item is a more detailed, monographic biblio for an item attached to a serial record . This is often used for special issues of a journal that are released as books on their own (assigned an ISBN, as well as an ISSN/volume/issue).

What is a medical history summary?

A record of information about a person’s health. A personal medical history may include information about allergies, illnesses, surgeries, immunizations, and results of physical exams and tests. It may also include information about medicines taken and health habits, such as diet and exercise.

How do you write a patient medical report?


  1. Know that a common type of medical report is written using SOAP method.
  2. Assess the patient after observing her problems and symptoms.
  3. Write the Plan part of the Medical report.
  4. Note any problems when you write the medical report.