What is air gap flux in a generator?

What is air gap flux in a generator?

What is air gap flux in a generator?

Classified by air Gap Flux Direction Radial air Gap Flux. The generator relies on the relative motion of the rotor to the stator to generate electricity energy, and the gap is called an air gap between the stator and the rotor.

What is air gap flux in induction motor?

Due to an interaction of the rotor current and the main flux, the torque is produced and the motor starts rotating. In the stator, the electric energy is get converted into magnetic energy. The magnetic energy travels through the air gap of the motor. The air gap increases the reluctance of the magnetic circuit.

What is the purpose of air gap in motor?

The air gap of a motor is the gap between the stator teeth or core and the rotor magnets. This gap is a key component in the motor design, and affects the overall strength of the magnetic circuit and motor efficiency.

How do I check the air gap on my alternator?

AIR GAP MEASUREMENTS The typical value of airgap between rotor & stator must be 2mm to 3mm (preferably 300mm to 500mm feeler gauge is used). Air Gap must be measured using a plastic feeler gauge, Do not use a metal feeler gauge it can damage the winding insulation slightly.

What is the air gap between rotor and stator?

For small PM synchronous motors, the air gap (mechanical clearance) between the stator core and rotor poles or pole shoes should be 0.3 to 1.0 mm [6,8], and can even reach 1.5 mm [9]. The smaller the air gap, the lower the starting current drawn by the motor.

Why is there an air gap between rotor and stator?

Air gap is needed in order to protect the rotor and stator to strike each other while rotor being rotating at very high speed. The length of air gap can be a deciding factor for losses of magnetic flux taking place in the two circuits. Length of air gap can also be decided on the cooling required for the system.

Why flux in air gap is useful flux?

Also, the air gaps help the magnetic flux to expand outside the magnetic circuit. This flux fringes out into the neighbouring air path and such paths for flux are called flux fringing resulting in a non-uniform flux density in the air gap. As we increase the air gap, it increases flux fringing and vice versa.

What will happen if we increase the air gap in the induction motor?

Detailed Solution. If the air gap of an induction motor increases, 1) The permeability of the magnetic circuit rotor-to-stator will decrease. 2) The magnetizing inductance of the motor thus decreases.

What is air gap in electrical?

Definition of air gap 1 : an air-filled gap in a magnetic or electric circuit (as the space between the field-magnet poles and the armature in a dynamo or motor) 2 : wind gap. 3 : the vertical distance between the point where water enters a plumbing fixture (as a tub) and the level at which it would overflow.

What will be the effect on an alternator if length of air gap is increased?

Longer air gap means increased reluctance and leakage flux. Therefore the value of air gap flux reduces. This in turn reduces EMF induced in the rotor bars, rotor current and torque. Apart from this, longer air gap length will also cause to have poor power factor and hence associated losses will also increase.