What is a waiver at a trampoline park?

What is a waiver at a trampoline park?

What is a waiver at a trampoline park?

Waiver FAQs Trampoline jumping is comparable in risk to other sports like skateboarding, snow skiing, ice hockey and football. Signing a waiver ensures that you are aware of the risks and have taken on board the safety instructions.

Can you wear shorts at Fusion Trampoline Park?

It’s also important that you wear comfortable loose clothing, so tracksuit or jogging bottoms, and a t-shirt is best, but it is not recommended that you wear shorts as you can get plastic or trampoline burns if you fall over, also for ladies it is not recommended that you wear skirts or dresses, that is if you are …

Do you have to book Fusion Carlisle?

Here at Fusion, we specialise in Birthday Parties! Please head to our website or give one of our lovely team a call to discuss our party packages! For further details and to book, please visit www.fusionparks.co.uk or contact Fusion Carlisle on 01228 210215.

How long do gravity waivers last?

Safety Agreements are valid for 12 months. This means you don’t have to sign one every time you visit Gravity, however, you must complete a new one each year.

Whats is a waiver?

The definition of a waiver is the act of voluntarily giving up rights or privileges, usually through a written statement. An example of waiver is a person signing a form releasing the owners of an event location from liability if the person signing the waiver was injured while at the event. noun.

Can you wear jeans to a trampoline park?

As we have previously stated, shorts are a bad idea to wear to a trampoline park due to plastic and trampoline burn. However, certain pants are off-limits as well. For example, tight pants, such as jeans, are a definitely not a good plan. Jeans tend to tighten up with every wash and weaken at their seams.

Is there a weight limit for gravity?

The maximum weight for users is 150kg/330lb. The minimum age for users is 6 years old. Free Fall Jump: The minimum height & weight for users is 130cm/4ft 3″ & 10kg/22lb. The maximum weight for users is 150kg/330lb.

What are the different types of waivers?

Within the United States, the most common types of waivers tend to fall into one of three categories — criminal rights, procedural rights, and liability waivers.