What is a normal trabecular bone score?

What is a normal trabecular bone score?

What is a normal trabecular bone score?

Therefore, the following normal range for TBS values has been proposed: Among men, TBS ≥ 1.326 is considered to be normal; TBS between 1.231 and 1.326 is considered to have partially degraded microarchitecture, and TBS ≤ 1.231defined degraded microarchitecture.

How do you interpret a trabecular bone score?

A score above−1 is considered normal in BMD T-scores obtained at the femur and lumbar spine, a score between−1 and−2.5 is classified as osteopenia (low bone mass), and a score below−2.5 is classified as OP.

How is trabecular score calculated?

TBS was evaluated by determining the variogram of the trabecular bone projected image, calculated as the sum of the squared gray-level differences between pixels at a specific distance and angle. TBS was then calculated as the slope of the log-log transform of this variogram (13).

What is TBS score in osteoporosis?

Trabecular bone score (TBS), a novel tool in the evaluation of osteoporosis is an indirect indicator of bone microarchitecture. It is a textural index that evaluates pixel gray-level variations in the lumbar spine DXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) image.

What is a low TBS score?

TBS is particularly useful in patients with BMD values in the low osteopenic range (T score between -2.0 and -2.5) in whom a low TBS indicates possible need to consider commencing treatment. TBS is unreliable in individuals with a body mass index (BMI – kg/m2) of over 35.

How do you measure bone quality?

Medical professionals assess bone health with a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) that measures bone mineral density (BMD). They frequently use this score to estimate your risk of fracture, select your best treatment options, and determine whether you should or should not take osteoporosis medication.

When do you use the trabecular bone score?

Trabecular bone score may be used in conjunction with the T-Score to determine if the microstructure is compromised in addition to the T- Score diagnosis of low bone mass or osteoporosis. Or conversely, if there is low bone mass or osteoporosis but good microstructure.

Is trabecular bone score the same as T score?

How do you read a TBS score?

With a high TBS score, bone microarchitecture is dense and well-connected. Conversely, a low TBS score means that bone microarchitecture is incomplete and weakened.

Is trabecular bone score the same as T-score?

Is the trabecular bone score the same as the T score?