What is a mill owner called?

What is a mill owner called?

What is a mill owner called?

foundry proprietor; mill owner. foundry proprietor.

What do we call a person who owns or works in a mill?

miller. noun. someone who owns or works in a mill where grain is made into flour.

What is a mill?

1 : a building with machinery for grinding grain into flour. 2 : a machine or device that prepares a material for use by grinding or crushing a pepper mill. 3 : a factory using machines to make a product from raw material a steel mill.

Why is a mill called a mill?

“one-tenth of a cent,” 1786, an original U.S. currency unit but now used only for tax calculation purposes, shortening of Latin millesimum “one-thousandth part,” from mille “a thousand” (see million). Formed on the analogy of cent, which is short for Latin centesimus “one hundredth” (of a dollar).

Who are mill workers?

mill worker in British English (mɪl ˈwɜːkə ) or millhand (ˈmɪlhænd ) a person who works in a mill, esp a cotton mill. Collins English Dictionary.

What is it called when you move from one place to another?

transfer. noun. the act of moving, or of being moved from one place to another.

Is a mill a factory?

A mill is a place where some grinding work is taking place such as a flour mill or rice mill. A factory is a place where big machines or plants are present for producing machinery or goods. This means that the machinery that is needed for a mill is also manufactured in a factory.

What is a mill in money?

A mill, mil or mille is 1/10th of a US cent or 1/1000th of a US Dollar. In the United States, it is most used in gasoline prices. For example $4.119 per US gallon. $0.009 is equal to nine mils.

How much was a mill worth?

One mill is one dollar per $1,000 dollars of assessed value.

What’s a mill operator?

What Does a Mill Operator Do? The job duties of a mill operator include working to operate and maintain a milling machine. Depending on the industry, your job duties in this career could consist of running a saw, bore, or another piece of milling equipment.

What does a mill hand do?

noun. A worker in a mill or factory.