What is a Mallomar?

What is a Mallomar?

What is a Mallomar?

A Mallomar is a graham-style cookie base topped with marshmallow and coated in chocolate.

What are Mallomars called in Canada?

Mallomars are manufactured in Toronto, but not sold anywhere in Canada, which is interesting, and, for sure, unusual fact. Canada has its own version of the Mallomars and it is called the Whippet. The two cookies are pretty similar, only Whippets have way more sugar, a raspberry-filled variety, and 2% more iron!

Are Mallomars discontinued?

Just when we need them most, New York’s favorite cookie has made its triumphant return. Every September Nabisco rereleases Mallomars. The marshmallow and graham cracker cookies, coated with rich, dark chocolate have become a tradition in our area.

Did Nabisco stop making pinwheels?

From the United States. 2.0 out of 5 stars Bring back the Original Pinwheel Cookies! Ever since Nabisco closed their plant and start manufacturing it in Mexico, everything has changed about the Pinwheel Cookie. Its no longer dark chocolate and fresh.

What do Mallomars taste like?

Mallomars are like cookie versions of s’mores: a graham cracker base topped with a dollop of marshmallow and dipped in chocolate. The result is a smooth marshmallow chocolate concoction with the perfect crunch.

Why is Mallomar seasonal?

It’s Mallomar season right now, which may seem strange since Mallomars are commercially packaged cookies, not apples. But the round graham crackers topped with marshmallow and covered in dark chocolate are actually packaged seasonally. Mallomars are only shipped during cool months, so the chocolate won’t melt.

Do they still sell pinwheel cookies?

Who makes pinwheel?

Nabisco, Pinwheels, Fudge and Marshmallow Cookies, 12oz Tray (Pack of 4)

Flavor Fudge
Weight 13 Ounces
Item Firmness Description Cookies
Package Weight 1.5 Kilograms